Answers: I need some tips to improve agents convincing skills – any ideas?


I would like some tips on how to improve call centre agents convincing skills.

Any ideas?

Answer 1: 

Product knowledge, classroom training with rebuttals, constant real time role playing, and tons of praise and enthusiasm!

Answer thanks to Jeanette.

Answer 2: 

I would suggest phrases such as:

“Mr. Winter, I am glad to additionally share, that you can surely avail full talk time on our ___recharge”.

“Mr…it is a pleasure to offer the itemised bill to you at only Rs….monthly rental”. are our valued customers and I am sure you would be delighted to transfer your Prepaid to a Postpaid connection which offers reduced rates at the same number”.

Answer thanks to Pinaz.

Answer 3:

You could try:

Mr./Ms. _____ sometimes it is not a matter of interest, but a matter of benefit. (Sales Pitch).

Answer thanks to Anil Dogra.

Answer 4:

In my opinion the best way to be convincing is to believe in the product, Do you’re agents honestly believe in and appreciate the product?

Answer thanks to Colleen Christensen.


Published On: 20th Aug 2008 - Last modified: 19th Sep 2019
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  1. AT First look i would say A leader must lead with an example.and If you are able to do the thing then u have to observe where agents are facing problem and dont let them know that you are observing them and when u come to know then try to play a small session of game and then come to point it will make 100% effect coz while playing a game they would give their 100% responce then u can bang ur target..Cheers..Nilesh

    Nilesh Patel 31 Oct at 5:24 pm
  2. Which is the industry ? What is the agents’ role i.e. who do they convince and for what ?

    J B Roy Chowdhury 2 Nov at 5:00 pm
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