I Need Some Tips to Improve Agents Convincing Skills?

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We were asked…

I would like some tips on how to improve call centre agents convincing skills.

Any ideas?

Lots of Ideas

Product knowledge, classroom training with rebuttals, constant real time role playing, and tons of praise and enthusiasm!

Thanks to Jeanette.

Some Suggested Phrases

I would suggest phrases such as:

“Mr. Winter, I am glad to additionally share, that you can surely avail full talk time on our ___recharge”.

“Mr…it is a pleasure to offer the itemised bill to you at only Rs….monthly rental”.

Mr..you are our valued customers and I am sure you would be delighted to transfer your Prepaid to a Postpaid connection which offers reduced rates at the same number”.

Thanks to Pinaz.

You Could Try

You could try:

Mr./Ms. _____ sometimes it is not a matter of interest, but a matter of benefit. (Sales Pitch).

Thanks to Anil Dogra.

Believe in the Product

In my opinion the best way to be convincing is to believe in the product, Do you’re agents honestly believe in and appreciate the product?

Thanks to Colleen Christensen.

A Leader Must Lead with an Example

At first look I would say A leader must lead with an example. and If you are able to do the thing then u have to observe where agents are facing problem and don’t let them know that you are observing them and when u come to know then try to play a small session of game and then come to point it will make 100% effect coz while playing a game they would give their 100% response then u can bang your target..

Thanks to Nilesh

Author: Jo Robinson

Published On: 20th Aug 2008 - Last modified: 13th Apr 2022
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