Answers: Incentivised Training to Promote Retention?

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I am interested in setting up a degree programme for the employees of my contact centre to help promote retention. I heard that Airmiles had started a similar scheme and wondered if anyone knows whether it or other such schemes have proved successful ? We’re based in Manchester.’

Answer 1:

Incentivised Training using any government funding available, especially for 16-18 year olds. And take advantage of the new part funded government training for team leaders and managers.

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Published On: 20th Mar 2009 - Last modified: 12th Aug 2022
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  • Define degree programme…

    Chris Roberts 21 Apr at 02:56
  • I work for eccommerce company and currently a TL for 60 people. How legal is this because its exceptionally draining. I have 7 learners, 16 permanents and the rest temps.They do not pay me any additional money nor but say I can have some time off for days I work 12 hours or more a day. What do I do

    Shafieka 5 Nov at 12:11