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Rene van Popering at Contexta360 explains that just because you do not see it or hear it, it does not mean that whatever it is does not require immediate attention.

Would you wait for frustration feedback from your team before you interfere? Would you rely on a chat at the coffee machine to spot employee frustrations? Would you start acting only when clients start complaining, submitting negative surveys or social posts about their unhappiness?

In general, we do not want to act in a too little too late fashion but this is still a prevalent blind-spot scenario found in many customer engagement satisfaction results.

Having a dynamic and hybrid task force of office and remote workers doesn’t make it easier to maintain business health and performance. It requires additional monitoring to ensure visibility of remote business operations’ personal and IT health.

Your staff’s “remote factor”, with various home-worker setups and equipment, connection, cams, microphones, headsets etc, is mind-blowing, especially with our ongoing video meeting culture. Recently, we have seen home workers’ creativity when it comes to ensuring business engagements run as smoothly as possible.

Remote office and engagement creativity needs to be dealt with properly. Maintaining proactive, remote, personalised assistance to your remote staff is, in many organisations, still wishful thinking. Instead we wait reactively for IT submitted tickets.

One-to-one review meetings are often hijacked with discussions about tools and connection frustrations or to vent about the engagement problems remote staff faced last week.

Enabling your remote talent needs more than automated “health checks”. Being responsible for a hybrid CX task force often means you need to handle more interaction and desktop issues in order to deliver as excellent a service as you would expect from your office-managed contact centre.

The remote team should preferably have the same level of quality support and tools, ensuring that remote staff feel part of the corporate crew, knowing they can rely on coaching assistance by team leads and your IT desk.

This is one of the focused areas of optimisation attention that is a high-priority CTO/CIO management theme that assures business success. Equipped staff that feel supported by their company are critical to this success.

Having complete visibility of remote workers’ needs and IT health can be a very reactive and manual process.

Even when there are processes to report issues or ask for assistance, you do not always instantly understand the scale of things, questioning if this is an individual challenge or does this need to be addressed as a corporate IT or process issue?

There is a lot to win by having better operational engagement insight, as your team will tell you via the engagement experience without submitting any support ticket.

You can keep an “automated eye” on all team members regardless of where you or they are. You can monitor your business health by checking how often engagements with your clients are handled without any connection or remote desktop obstacles.

Enabling complete and automated detection for your voice and chat engagement data can keep your finger on the pulse with regard to possible friction in infrastructure, desktop tooling or co-workers’ handling assistance.

Automatic review of all engagements allows you to detect needs more quickly and on the correct scale of magnitude. It allows you to initiate a trending analysis to define the proper measures to resolve or change to achieve better outcomes.

A lot has been said about working from home lately and experiences vary a lot according to the type of work, room facilities, family situation and many other ingredients that impact the performance and happiness of your remote staff.

Having 100 per cent issue monitoring at hand, understanding needs proactively – from a tool and a personal perspective – supports wellbeing and expands what you want to know as soon as friction or unhappiness appears.

The fact that you can enable your CX talent with a personalised health and comfort approach using an AI conversational intelligence remote health check program can take away that blind-spot, ensuring that your staff feel appreciated and inspired, not disconnected, positively impacts wellbeing and helps them to shine every day.

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Published On: 13th Oct 2021 - Last modified: 19th Oct 2021
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