Research Reveals How IT Leaders Can Support CX Functions More Effectively

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MaxContact has shared findings from their new report – ‘Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience: Insights for your IT Strategy.’

This study, based on a survey of 100 UK-based IT leaders, serves as an invaluable resource, offering data-backed insights on processes, technology, customer experience, operational efficiency and digital transformation.

Headline Messages Include:

Operational Efficiencies & Customer Experience

In a flatlining economy, IT leaders are focused on improving efficiency and performance across their organisations, with survey respondents citing ‘implementing new technologies and tools to improve efficiencies’ as their number one focus for the next six months.

This proactive approach reflects the adaptability of IT leaders, who recognise that investing in advanced technologies can lead to more streamlined operations and ultimately improved business performance.

IT leaders are primarily looking to invest in business operations software (49%) and customer support technologies (43%) in the next 12 months, according to the survey results.

AI’s Growing Influence

75% of IT leaders expressed optimism about the impact of AI technologies, particularly in driving innovation and enabling better customer service.

They see AI not just as a technological advancement but as a pivotal driver of innovation, enabling the delivery of better and more responsive customer service.

Their enthusiasm for AI underscores its growing importance as an integral component of IT strategies.

Digital Transformation Progress

Nearly half of respondents say they’ve largely transitioned to digital ways of working, though a significant minority (16%) are some way from that goal.

The report reveals a mixed landscape when it comes to digital transformation. While nearly half of the respondents indicate substantial progress in transitioning to digital ways of working, a noteworthy minority are still in the process of embracing these transformative changes.

This disparity highlights the diversity of digital maturity levels among organisations. A forward-looking mindset is essential for organisations striving to remain competitive in today’s digital landscape, with 99% of those polled planning to invest in some form of digital transformation over the next 12 months.

Hybrid Workforce Challenges

Over a quarter of those surveyed say managing a hybrid or remote workforce split is the main challenge in their role.

This challenge signifies the need to balance the demands of remote and in-office work, ensuring that employees remain productive, engaged, and connected.

The report provides valuable insights for IT leaders seeking to navigate the complexities of the hybrid workforce, offering strategies to overcome these challenges.

MaxContact’s VP of Engineering, Matt Yates, commented on the report, saying, “This report underscores the resilience and adaptability of IT leaders in these trying times.

“It provides invaluable insights into the strategies and challenges faced by peers, offering advice for making well-informed decisions around operational efficiencies and customer experience for IT leaders.

“As technology continues to evolve, MaxContact remains committed to providing powerful customer engagement solutions that empower organisations to thrive in the customer experience landscape.”

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Published On: 27th Oct 2023 - Last modified: 1st Nov 2023
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