Research Reveals Challenges in Balancing Performance and Costs

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MaxContact has shared findings from its new report – ‘The Evolving Contact Centre Landscape: Trends, Challenges and Strategies for Contact Centre Leaders’ – revealing insights into the evolving contact centre landscape.

The report, which includes results from a survey of 100 operational and contact centre leaders across the UK, shares insights to assist contact centre leaders in driving their strategies in 2024 and beyond.

Headline Messages Include:

The Balancing Act:

Balancing performance and cost in an unstable economy is a significant challenge, with 25% of leaders citing ‘balancing contact centre performance with cost efficiency’ as the main challenge in their role.

Striking this balance requires investing in efficient technology, smart workforce management, and the integration of AI-driven solutions.

AI Impact:

Nearly all survey respondents are using AI to improve performance. Among the findings, 25% reported using AI to streamline processes and enhance operational efficiencies.

22% highlighted AI’s role in enhancing data analysis and decision-making, while another 22% emphasised its contribution to improving customer service and innovation. Only 9% indicated AI has not yet impacted their roles.

These insights underscore the industry’s readiness for AI-driven solutions and highlight AI as a valuable ally, allowing leaders to empower teams with the freedom to handle more complex, creative, and sensitive work while AI takes care of repetitive tasks.

Customer Centricity:

Enhancing customer experience and satisfaction is the main area of focus for contact centre leaders over the next six months, with Net Promoter Score (NPS) being the most important measurement for success, according to those surveyed.

A successful customer-centric approach derives from fostering feedback loops and cross-functional collaboration which enable businesses to stay in tune with customer sentiment.

Navigating Challenges and Opportunities:

In a difficult economy, contact centre leaders see challenges and opportunities, and their strategies for the short and medium-term are an attempt to balance the two.

Successful contact centres will use insight, technology and agile management to solve problems without undermining performance or stifling growth.

The right technology investments, workforce optimisation, and seamless cross-departmental communication are vital for maintaining customer satisfaction and operational efficiency during economic uncertainty.

MaxContact’s CEO, Ben Booth, commented on the report, saying, “These are clearly challenging times for contact centres, but MaxContact’s research shows that many leaders are being pragmatic and measured in their response.

“This report equips contact centre leaders with valuable insights to enhance their operations and navigate the evolving challenges and opportunities in the industry. In these ever-changing times, the ability to adapt quickly will set the industry leaders apart.”

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Published On: 26th Oct 2023 - Last modified: 1st Nov 2023
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