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Unlock customer growth
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Omar Paul at makepositive (part of Sabio Group) explains how digital transformation is not just a buzzword. It’s a critical need for businesses.

As companies and cultures worldwide transition into a digital-first marketplace, seamless online customer experiences have become paramount for any business to survive, and subsequently, thrive. Customers are no longer brand loyal and will go where they get the best experience.

Businesses who don’t transform are likely to get left behind. Having a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that’s focused around digital has become an essential component of success in business today.

What Makes a #1 CRM?

A number one CRM doesn’t just house client data. It’s a premier platform that allows businesses to build customer-centric relationships by enabling them to connect and interact with customers in a way that caters to their individual needs, allowing for improved experiences and business growth.

The right CRM helps companies stay connected to their customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. Unlocking customer-centric growth by empowering companies to manage relationships through the customer lifecycle, spanning marketing, sales, and customer service.

The world’s #1 CRM holds this title in part due to the power of having a single source of truth for every customer’s data. This valuable feature is referred to as “Customer 360” because it connects all of your customers across both online and offline data.

Why does this matter? It matters because the collected data can be utilised for specific strategies within each individual cloud. For example, if part of an organisation needs customer information for a specific purpose within marketing, sales, or service, the ultimate goal becomes successful because everyone on those teams has access to the most accurate, up-to-date data.

The flexibility of the right platform, and the speed at which companies can use it to enable business transformation, is truly exciting.

We’ve seen businesses go from department-centric to customer-centric in a matter of weeks or even days — something that used to take years to achieve.

Enhancing the Entire Customer Journey

One of the things we’ve learned is the importance of focusing on the entire customer journey — from the first time they connect with the company, to the first sale, to follow-up service, and beyond.

This means companies need to unite the front, middle, and back offices. This is something that can be done well by providing a single source of shared data, that is able to bring in data from outside the system, unifying information that exists on older legacy systems that can’t be immediately replaced.

Helping Employees Do Their Best Work

As all leaders of sustainable businesses will attest, it’s equally as imperative to improve the experiences of employees as those of customers. Much like customers, employees are more willing than ever to switch companies when their needs are not being met.

Employees require new technologies to work from home in our ever-changing, digital-first world. Your technology needs to be capable enough to help them collaborate digitally (and efficiently). When your customers and employees are happy, everyone wins.

Accessing the Power of AI

Companies can benefit from a turnkey AI solution that accelerates decision-making and productivity. Through machine learning and intelligence, you can proactively create better experiences for customers.

A good system can look at thousands of data points from across your organisation to spot trends and make future predictions. For example, if some customers are raising certain complaints that are coming through in service data, you can fix the problem before it becomes a larger issue for your brand.

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Published On: 22nd Nov 2021 - Last modified: 23rd Nov 2021
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