Upland Revolutionizes Knowledge Management

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Upland Knowledge empowers businesses to navigate the AI revolution with confidence.

Upland continues to redefine the industry with its commitment to smarter, faster, and more efficient knowledge delivery.

Upland Knowledge, comprised of Upland RightAnswers and Upland Panviva, is built around enhancing the creation, enrichment, and delivery of knowledge to employees and customers.

Upland’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge knowledge solutions and staying ahead of the curve in the knowledge management space has made it the go-to partner for organizations navigating the dynamic AI revolution.

“Upland’s unwavering commitment to be a trusted knowledge partner for its customers is evident in the architecture and roadmap of each knowledge product,” said Keith Berg, SVP and General Manager of contact centre Productivity solutions at Upland.

“Upland Knowledge is designed to adapt to the rapid technological changes influencing the knowledge management landscape and ensures that businesses stay at the forefront of innovation.”

RightAnswers and Panviva both have a rich history of innovation and utilizing AI, however, more recent developments have included launching the following capabilities:

Generative AI Knowledge Creation

Enables the one-click creation of troubleshooting documents and quality checks on existing content.

By dramatically reducing the time it takes to create high-quality content, AI ensures faster troubleshooting, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Generative Answers

Harnesses AI-driven search technology to deliver smarter, faster answers. These answers are summarized from an organization’s existing knowledge, resulting in actionable insights rather than lengthy documents.

This powerful combination of human and AI augmentation ensures a more efficient knowledge delivery process.

Generative Omnichannel Content Curation

Reimagines how knowledge is created and delivered to match the changing needs of employees and customers.

Using Generative AI, the platform scans and summarizes existing knowledge into smart snippets ready for chatbots, IVR, voice assistants, and more.

AI-driven metadata and query variations further elevate an organization’s knowledge management capabilities, making them Omnichannel Knowledge Experts.

With Upland Knowledge, businesses can confidently embrace the future of knowledge management and elevate customer support to new heights.

Behind these innovations is a team of industry experts, with Upland Knowledge’s team boasting over 250 years of collective experience, supporting more than 4.8 million users globally.

Organizations worldwide trust Upland to guide them through the transformative AI revolution reshaping their businesses.

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Published On: 7th Dec 2023 - Last modified: 25th Mar 2024
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