Recorded Webinar: How to Reduce Inbound Call Volumes


Despite the investment in self-service solutions, organisations still experience high call volume. In fact, statistics show that about 82% of customer interactions are still ending up in the contact centre. The problem? Consumers are bypassing the digital self-service solutions and opting to call instead.

In this webinar we look at how to drive adoption of your self-service assets to lower inbound call volume. We’ll explore how to drive voice callers into digital channels.

Topics Discussed

  • Driving self-service adoption
  • Increasing call containment
  • Providing an effortless and personal customer experience
  • Voice and digital channels
  • Natural Language with traditional flow driven approaches
  • Agent Desktop Automation
  • Top Tips from the audience


Phil Anderson - Headshot
Phil Anderson
The Forum

Rich Garrett - Headshot
Rich Garrett

Jonty Pearce - Headshot
Jonty Pearce
Call Centre Helper

Published On: 2nd Nov 2017 - Last modified: 28th Feb 2023
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