Recorded Webinar: Stop Firefighting & Create Breathing Space to Improve Customer Service

Webinar Title: How to stop firefighting and create breathing space to improve customer service

Contact Centres are busy places - queues and escalations are common place. So how do we create some breathing space to undertake the initiatives that we need to do to improve customer service?

In this webinar we look at how you create some breathing space to make changes in customer service. We also explore some quick fixes that free up enough resource to be able to implement them.

8th September 2016

In our webinars you also have the opportunity to ask questions in advance or on the day.

Topics Discussed

  • Quick wins to free up resource
  • Simple time management ideas
  • Short term investment vs. long term gain
  • Building a positive culture
  • Dealing with energy sappers
  • Prioritising broken processes
  • Removing Average Handling Time and other Agent Targets
  • Top tips from the audience


Martin Hill-Wilson- Headshot
Martin Hill-Wilson
Brainfood Consulting
Tim Pickard- Headshot
Tim Pickard
Rachael Trickey- Headshot
Rachael Trickey
Call Centre Helper

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