What Is a Customer Experience Code?


Paul Pember, Customer Service Specialist, discusses how to create a customer experience (CX) Code and how it needs to be embedded within the organization.

In this video Paul explains:

  • What the CX Code Is
  • Creating a CX Code

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Video Transcript:

What Is the CX Code

The customer experience code is a set of principles that is made through customer insight and understanding.  Its main purpose is to be an easy-to-understand tool that can be used, picked up and embedded across the organization.

Creating a CX Code

When we design services, product processes and journeys, how do we make sure everyone else in the organization knows that as well?

So the code wouldn’t be the same in every organization.

CX Code Example

The code will vary depending on the context of your business.  So, for example, a local council or social housing, that’s about the basics done really well with kind of low effort.

Paul Pember Headshot

Paul Pember

So your code will change depending on the sector you are part of. But the critical point here is the code is created through insight.

This is not what you think.

This is not what the business thinks.

This is based on insight. And it’s got to be an easy, understandable tool that can be embedded in the organization.

This video was recorded when Paul Pember was a panellist on our 2022 webinar ‘How to Transform CX

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Author: Paul Pember
Reviewed by: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 27th Sep 2022 - Last modified: 15th Nov 2023
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