Why FCR Matters and How to Measure It


Colin Mann at Enghouse Interactive explains why FCR matters and how to measure it in this video.

Why Is First Contact Resolution Important and How Do You Measure It?

Put simply, First Contact Resolution is about engaging with a customer query first time, and ideally quickly as well, without that person needing to get back in contact again.

So we all know from our own personal experience if we’re engaging with a company, or a call centre, or you know contacting a company, we want our problems dealt with first time and quickly.

And we don’t want to have to re-engage, we don’t want to have to wait for an agent or a customer service member of the team to recall and get back in touch with us.

So it matters for the satisfaction. You know companies that are getting it right first time are going to have happier customers, they’re going to have happier prospects.

One of the ways you can measure it is you can look at the number of interactions that you have where consumers have to get back in touch a second time.

And that enables you then to calculate a First Contact Resolution percentage, so that’s one of the key ways that you can actually look at that.

Colin Mann at Enghouse
Colin Mann

And you can look at that regardless of the channel that they use. They may have initially tried to get hold of you on the phone but then re-engage via email or chat – you can look at that percentage of interaction and if you’re seeing lots of repeating interaction then obviously there’s work to do on the First Contact Resolution percentage.

Thanks to Colin Mann at Enghouse Interactive for this video.

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Author: Colin Mann
Reviewed by: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 10th Oct 2023 - Last modified: 20th Nov 2023
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