4 Classic Customer Service Interview Questions – With Answers


Here are 4 interview questions with example answers you can add to your recruitment process to help identify your next customer service star.

1. Briefly tell us about an experience in the last 12 months where you delivered excellent customer service.

Think about what great customer service means to your customers and your business.

This is a personal question and it is what makes you different from your colleagues. It isn’t necessarily about company process or procedures, as, after all, you are the person who could make the difference. The question is asking what you delivered.

It also doesn’t need to be a grand gesture. It might be as simple as you listen, or ask someone if they are having a good day, or maybe you have gone the extra mile to help a customer in need.

2. Explain why customer service should meet or exceed customer expectations.

Customer service and customer experience is now seen as a clear differentiator between brands.

Customer expectations are higher than ever, yet loyalty is harder to come by. In a world where it is becoming easier to switch product or provider, meeting or exceeding your customers’ expectations goes a long way in helping develop a long-term relationship with them.

Also, having good customer service might just make the difference when a buying decision has to be made, or it can help resolve a customer service issue properly the first time.

3. How do you keep yourself motivated?

Every customer is different and their situation unique.

Although the job may seem similar on a day-by-day basis, every call presents an opportunity for you to shine and personally make the difference to the next customer.

Employers know that nobody can maintain their top level of motivation around the clock, and they don’t want to hear that you are always perfect. What will interest them are the strategies you have come up with to recognise when your energy is dropping and bring yourself back around.

4. As customer service is a large part of your job role, what is your natural approach to dealing with customers?

Always try to remain open minded, positive and listen.

Michelle Ansell

Michelle Ansell

Every customer is different and will have their own requirements and priorities. A smile or friendly ‘hello, how are you’ opener is invaluable and sets the contact off in the right direction.

With thanks to Michelle Ansell at Douglas Jackson, a specialist recruitment consultancy and executive search company within the Executive and skilled Customer Contact market.

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Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 20th Jan 2016 - Last modified: 10th Jun 2020
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