6 ways to brighten up your contact centre

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Ever considered painting your office walls bright pink? Katie Laird from blinds.com shares her experience of working in an office that did just that.

Here are 6 great ways you can liven up your contact centre.

1. Help staff to socialise with open-plan communal areas

Design a variety of communal areas throughout the office to encourage collaboration and chance encounters for employees from all departments.

“Since every employee has their own laptop, meetings and coaching sessions can occur anywhere in the building,” said Katie. “This provides a fresh environment to keep us creative.”


Open-plan areas can help to build a stronger employee community.

2. Get your employees to choose the colours


Get your employees involved to help the change go smoothly.

Getting your employees to choose the paint and fabric colours is a great way to engage them with the process and reduce the stress of a complicated office move.

“By allowing every employee to feel connected to the process, we eliminated the ‘scary stuff’ and replaced it with anticipation and pride!” said Katie.

3. Personalise your office space


Get a local graffiti artist to tag your walls to create a strong sense of company ownership.

Personalising your office with past and present memorabilia can help to develop your company’s identity and create a sense of ownership.

“We pay homage to every office we have inhabited before,” said Katie. “This is why you’ll see street signs suspended from the ceiling marking former company addresses, and meeting rooms named after culturally significant locations (like ‘The Garage’ – named after our CEO’s garage where he designed our first company website).”

Blinds.com even reached out to a local graffiti artist (Gonzo247) to tag their walls and reinforce the ownership of their office space.

4. Don’t ignore your meeting rooms


Make your meeting rooms unique and get people talking.

Being creative with your meeting rooms will get people talking, and can be a great marketing and recruitment tool.

“Our visiting partners, vendors and customers are ecstatic when they come to visit,” said Katie. “In fact, we have even started hosting public office tours for other businesses and student groups due to all of the positive feedback.”

5. Improve employee engagement with interactive wall space


An interactive wall is equally fun and inspirational.

Creating interactive walls in your contact centre can help employees to engage with the organisation and its purpose.

A quick and simple solution is to put up a large whiteboard for employees to publicly share personal goals, projects and successes.

6. Add plants for a colourful and stress-free office


Add greenery for a splash of colour… and oxygen!

“We do love our plant life,” said Katie. “Especially how it fills our space with colour and texture.”

Plants are also thought to make people happier, reduce stress and help eliminate dust particles in the air.

Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 11th Sep 2013 - Last modified: 21st Jun 2022
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  • Love the ideas but with space for CSA seats at a premium, communal break out areas are small and not spacious enough to implement some of the best ideas.

    Chris 12 Sep at 10:42