Save the Date: The Alvaria Community – Coming April 25th, 2022

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Alvaria is reshaping CX.  We work hard every day to help our customers improve employee experience and in turn, improve customer experience.  But we also want to improve the experience our customers have with us every day.

Online communities are one of the most effective ways for brands, consumers, employees and individuals within specific industries to engage and learn with each other.  And this is why we’re introducing the Alvaria Community.

Market research firm GWI reports that 76% of internet users participate in online communities. And this isn’t new.  All the way back in the 90’s the notion of community was the heart of the World Wide Web.

Our full-featured community is not social media (speaking of social media, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter). The new Alvaria Community will empower Alvaria users with more knowledge, self-service options, real-time access to peer-to-peer collaboration, product release information and more.

The community will offer 24/7/365 availability with elevated search features allowing users to find answers faster. Our knowledge base is searchable and filterable with more than 5,000 solutions to common product and solution questions.

Users can collaborate with others by asking questions, answering questions to share experiences, and contributing feedback and tips that inspire. Plus, the community will keep users informed on products, solutions and organizational news and announcements.

In addition to these great features, it’s important to note we heard from customers that there were opportunities to improve the technical support experience and the community will include advanced features for getting the fastest technical support from the Alvaria Customer Care team including:

  • Searching the knowledge base for solutions
  • Simplified process and form
  • Guided tour of how to submit a case
  • Auto-routing of cases to support engineers for improved timeliness

And the following support options:

Core Support Services 

  • 24x7x365
  • Online case management
  • Critical phone support
  • Knowledge base and peer community

Premier Support 

  • Priority case routing
  • Designated technical account manager
  • Quarterly knowledge sessions customized to your solution

Additional Services 

  • Professional Services
  • Education Services

Ready to Get Involved?  

Register to join.  Don’t miss your chance to get registered before the community launches. Then, stay tuned for announcements on the new Alvaria Community. Finally, login and get started in the new Alvaria Community on Monday, April 25th.

Ways to Participate: 

On April 25th, login in and say hello, find answers to questions, rate articles, ask questions, answer questions and share tips and tricks.

We can’t wait to hear from you in the new Alvaria Community.

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Published On: 23rd Mar 2022
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