Average Uptime In the Contact Center

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What is the Average Uptime In the Contact Center

What is the average percentage of time the cc system was working properly?

Question asked by swapnil

It Tends to Be Above 99.9%

Generally Contact Centre telephony systems tend to be quite reliable. Typically between 99.90% and 99.99% reliable.

Some claim to be more like 99.999% reliable, but this is often unproven.

When it comes to the data systems these are often very unreliable. We did a poll recently that shows that the systems often run slow Slow/Different Systems are the Biggest Blocker to Low Average Handle Times

Hope that this helps

With thanks to Jonty

Thank You

Thank you for your response.

Since I am a student and doing a project on Call center industry, it would be really helpful for me if I could get the source from which this data has been taken.

With thanks to swapnil

Personal Experience

This comes from my personal experience in working in many contact centres. Real life up-times tend not to be widely shared.

It is interesting to look at what these figures mean

99.90% (“three nines”) means 8.76 hours of downtime per year

99.99% (“four nines”) means 52.56 minutes of downtime per year


With thanks to Jonty

Industry Benchmarks

Thank you Sir for your valuable insights.

What are the industry benchmarks for the following metrics

Average Handling forecast accuracy

Routing accuracy

Training quality – Percentage of people who pass monitoring at the end of 30 days on the job

With thanks to swapnil

Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 19th Apr 2022
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