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I know this is a dumb question, However, I have been in Customer Service for Several Years but never had to bid for Business. With this in mind, I have been asked if I would field calls for a very prominent client. As I said, I have never bid, and I have no idea how to price the product.

Question asked by johnpder

How Many People

I would say it depends how many people you plan to do.

We had contracts which are Fixed Per Hour Fees, Per Call or Fixed Costs.

I would say I need more information for myself to give you hint at ways of pricing for this but I always say ‘How much do you want to earn’

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Business is Planned to Expand

Thank you for your reply Kris. The Centre would be requiring 30 Agents, rising to 60 in around three months as the Business is planned to expand. The idea is fielding inbound calls/ orders for a Catalogue Company. Like everyone else in this Business, I’d like to earn a fortune, but the realist in me knows a healthy turn over would be nice!!

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Depends on Pricing

We currently take inbound calls for a Mail-Order Company to is one our clients.

We have the scale and we charge £1.50 per call plus 10% of total order value. (We even charge for when nobody is on the phone)

If this is your first client I would say

A) Ask how many inbound calls they plan to expect as if its loads calls then easy to do Per Call

B) If its Low Call then charge a Fixed Weekly Cost for example:

We pay our staff £7.50 and we tell clients this as we get ‘better’ staff & Applications. Which £7.50 x 36 hours = £270 which we charge client £300 per agent per week.

It does hugely depend on pricing on how many calls they expect you to handle.

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Can Someone Help Me,…

Can someone help me, how to get a stable inbound client? as the center experiences with different scammers for the past few months.. Highly appreciated about the help.

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It is all about finding what you are good at, what your niche is.

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Help and Suggestion

Hi I have worked as a call center agent for quite some time in my life and lately I have left my job and want to start working for my own business. I do have a Team and I source work for them to do. This time I am looking to get work for a bigger team and set up my own Call Center.

The Question is, where do I start looking for work. I am very confused and I seriously need suggestions

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With thanks to Jonty

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