Case Study – BT Safely Lowers Call Time by 8%

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Based on comparison between two calendar quarters, BT Business Direct improved its contact centre efficiency by:

  • Reducing call time by 8%
  • Improving average pick-up time by 27%
  • Lowering abandon rates by 4.5%

These improvements were made after the company moved to the Plantronics CS500 Series of headsets and allowed advisors to choose between three wearing styles, allowing for individual preference.

To find out more about BT Business Direct’s success with their implementation of these headsets, read the full case study below.


Part of the BT Group, BT Business Direct offers a wide range of computing, networking and ICT support products and services to business and public sector organizations across the UK and Eire.

Around 20,000 IT products from all the world’s leading vendors ensures almost every hardware need is met, whilst a services portfolio caters for both voice and data solutions and IT services such as hardware configuration, installation and ongoing support.

Customers can choose to buy online via a specialist business-to-business website, or talk to a specialist business sales advisor at the dedicated contact centre based in Bolton.

How the New Headset Strategy Benefited the Contact Centre

After moving to a brand-new wireless contact centre in Bolton, BT Business Direct wanted to furnish both the sales and commercial support environments with a secure, comfortable and fully functional wireless headset solution and invited suppliers to tender.

BT Business Direct already had experience of Plantronics solutions with both the SupraPlus corded headset and the CS60 wireless solution.

After rigorous testing, the new Plantronics CS540 wireless headset was chosen for use throughout the Bolton site because of its fit-for-purpose design and functionality.

Daryl Platt, Business Director, explains: “The new wireless headset absolutely had to adhere to the business objectives we’d defined for adding value.”

“We needed a reliable and flexible headset which ensured absolute clarity and therefore a quality calling experience for our customers, whilst providing all-day-wear comfort for our people.”

“Additionally, we needed the freedom from wires that allows our people to answer and maintain  customer calls while moving away from the desk.”

Other vital parameters defined by BT Business Direct included:

  1. IT being able to easily manage the entire headset estate
  2. Monitoring and improving productivity with shorter calls due to improved call clarity
  3. User multi-tasking with hands-free wireless freedom and being able to move around the office to collaborate with others while still on a call with a customer or colleague
  4. Ability to conduct conference calls easily
  5. DECT encryption for increased call security
  6. Headset compliance to Noise at Work and Health & Safety directives, e.g. avoiding RSI and eliminating neck and back strain
  7. Ability to easily shadow and buddy during call monitoring for training and coaching

BT Business Direct selected the CS540 headset from the Plantronics CS500 Series as it met their stringent requirements for a dedicated wireless headset with improved performance and the continued reliability Plantronics is known for.

Amongst the many key features of the wireless CS500 Series is the ability to switch between narrowband audio to maximize battery life or wideband, professional-grade audio to enable clearer conversations.

Alex Davis, IT Manager, adds: “We have to manage and maintain our entire headset estate and ensure it’s fully compatible with our existing and future IT and telephony environments.”

“The CS540 perfectly fits in with our wireless desk phone requirements with different styles available to suit user preference, DECT technology and hands-free productivity up to 120 metres away from the base unit.”

“The options for collaboration with the CS540 are also ideal – the headset can be paired with any base by simply docking it and adding up to three additional headset wearers into a call.”

Karl Dobson, Sales Manager, also comments: “In a fast-moving sales environment like ours, it’s imperative that advisors are equipped with wireless headsets that are first and foremost comfortable, given they’re on calls for a large proportion of their eight-hour day.”

“Advisors need a headset that allows maximum efficiency, with the call clarity and quality that customers recognize as a great call experience.”

“The ability to add additional headset wearers into a call aids coaching and development, which all helps advisors achieve targets, keeps them incentivized and feel rewarded.”

“I have to say that our experience so far with the CS540 is certainly delivering against these requirements.”

Louise Derbyshire, Marketing Manager, adds: “I’m a first-time headset user and I’m delighted with the CS540 not least because of its comfort even when wearing for long periods of time.”

“For me personally, I’ve really appreciated the wireless freedom for hands-free working, being able to take a call with me when I need to move round the building and the ease with which we can collaborate with conference calls.”

“Our dedicated wireless contact centre is a showcase for BT Business Direct, and the CS540 wireless headset is very much a part of this.”

Daryl concludes: “Our people are the backbone to the success of our new contact centre and each and every member of staff needs to feel comfortable and well equipped to achieve.”

“The Plantronics CS540 headsets we’re using have helped us to really leverage the business advantages of our wireless environment, helping us to become truly productive and ultimately more successful. The CS540 comes highly recommended!”

To find out more about the Plantronics CS500 Series of headsets, visit:

Published On: 29th Nov 2019 - Last modified: 4th Dec 2019
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