Case Study: RHM Introduces Customers to the Power of Insights

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There’s no denying that knowledge is power in the communications industry. The data which companies collect every day through interactions with customers can unlock endless benefits, from improved productivity to opportunities to recapture lost callers and serve more customers.

Yet there is still a huge number of businesses struggling to make data-driven initiatives a reality.

Some businesses still see analytics and business insights as a ‘nice to have’ solution rather than an essential. It’s only when these companies have an opportunity to leverage the advantages of in-depth analytics for themselves that they discover just how transformative they can be.

RHM Telecommunications, a UK-based leader in delivering high-quality communication systems leveraging the Gamma Horizon telephony system, decided it was time to start showing more of its customers what the right business insights solution could really do.

Fortunately, Akixi had just the solution to help.

Reducing the Barrier to Entry for Business Insights

RHM currently has an impressive 142 live customer accounts on the Gamma platform, but only 8% of those Horizon accounts already have Akixi analytics enabled. For some time, the RHM team had been brainstorming new methods to increase adoption of analytical tools among its customers.

Technical Director, Nick Hunt, explains:

“We experimented with ideas like bolting Akixi Lite onto the Horizon licence price, with the hope of upselling to Akixi 1000/2000 in future, when customers had already seen the benefits for themselves.

“Recently, we even looked at carrying out a mass activation of Akixi Lite on existing base accounts, as part of 1–2-month free trial, with the goal of converting as many users as possible once the free trial ended.

“Fast forward to the Gamma Roadshow in June 2022, and we discovered Akixi had already created the perfect solution to our problem.”

Akixi Insights, the latest solution released by the analytics expert, aims to reduce the barriers to entry for companies yet to discover the benefits of business analytics.

The streamlined solution delivers six curated reports focused on the areas most likely to add value to business operations, including three reports clearly labelled by business outcome: Increase Efficiency, Recapture Lost Callers, and Serve More Customers.

To encourage the uptake of Akixi Insights to its reseller and service provider network, Akixi is offering the service free of charge for 60 days, with no obligation.

After 30 days of the free trial, all partners also receive a Smart Insights Report tailored to each of their end-user business customers.

This report immediately draws attention to the insight Akixi has gleaned within only 30 days of data monitoring, demonstrating the clear ROI and value that Akixi Insights can bring to any business, whether it has five employees or 500.

An Easy Way to Introduce Analytics to Businesses

Akixi Insights is designed to highlight the simplicity and ease of business analytics in a quick, convenient, and cost-effective way.

The initial rollout of the Akixi Insights experience, complete with the free trial and Smart Insights Report also makes it as easy as possible for partners and resellers to get started with the technology.

RHM Telecommunications decided to embrace the offering by setting up Akixi accounts for a selection of their customers straight away, with the plan to send out marketing emails in late July to raise awareness of the new solution.

After the company receives its Smart Insights Reports in August, RHM plans on running additional reports on a sector-specific basis, to deliver an even more personalized experience.

For instance, doctors’ surgeries might get extra insights into the average length of time a patient is waiting on hold to speak to a practitioner.

Nick continues:

“Once we’ve received all the reports, we plan on having a calling day where we connect with all of our customers, present them with our findings and talk them through the benefit Akixi can have on their business.

“At this point, we’ll generate new welcome emails for each customer, and give them the freedom to experiment with the service for the remainder of the trial.”

For any customer who shows genuine interest in the technology, RHM plans on setting up bespoke training sessions with their technical team, to help them get the most out the business insights service.

The company believes this hands-on approach will generate greater customer engagement with the Akixi application and make it easier for businesses to witness the value of the service first-hand.

A Fantastic Experience for RHM Telecommunications

Akixi Insights is proving to be the exact solution RHM Telecommunications was searching for when attempting to increase customer engagement with business analytics solutions.

Even the setup of the new accounts has been much simpler than the team expected. The provisioning wizard provided by Akixi ensured RHM could provision a new account every 60-70 seconds.

“Overall, this has been one of the quickest and most seamless mass-provisioning projects I’ve carried out to date.

“We’re now waiting for the next trigger point in our strategy, during which time we’re also curating useful marketing assets from Akixi, including videos and user guides, to get customers set up.”

Nick Hunt, Technical Manager at RHM Telecommunications

RHM Telecommunications believes they’ll be able to retain at least 30% of the newly activated accounts with Akixi, particularly among mid to large sized customers.

Nick concludes, “Even I am surprised at how quickly we have managed to turn around and get this campaign up and running. The experience has been very positive and straight forward.”

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Published On: 5th Aug 2022 - Last modified: 16th Jan 2023
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