Case Study: Akixi Supports Gamma During Remote Working Shift

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Gamma is a provider of unified communications as a service (UCaaS) into the UK, Dutch, Spanish and German business markets, supplying communication solutions via their extensive network of channel partners.

The Challenge

The Gamma team is in the process of a significant transformation. Aside from constantly evolving to suit the needs and expectations of a changing marketplace, Gamma recently had to respond to a sudden change in the business environment.

Like many companies, the organization suddenly had to pivot from office-based to home-based work overnight. The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the early months of 2020 created a new landscape for office-based businesses worldwide, as governments put communities on lockdown to curb the impact of the virus.

Almost instantly, countless companies were unable to open their doors to customers and employees alike. Teams had to either adjust to a remote working strategy or shut down entirely until the virus began to subside.

Making a change this significant isn’t easy. However, offering access to the same tried and tested technology that employees are already comfortable with can ease the transition.

While Gamma relied heavily on Akixi wallboards in the office, some team members began to use the same technology at home.

Sales Enablement Manager for Gamma, Rebecca Love said: “I find myself using Akixi even more to manage my now remote Dream Team.”

With the familiar Akixi wallboard experience, Rebecca ensures that the team can still reach its daily call quota.

What’s more, the Akixi wallboards help the team to maintain a high standard of exceptional service.

Since lockdown, we’ve handled a whopping 35,751 sales support calls,” adds Rebecca.

Gamma is successfully keeping the competitive spirit alive for their remote team, by screen-sharing the leaderboard with Horizon Collaborate.

This was something that the team requested when first moving into the remote-working environment. They missed being able to see exactly how well they were performing compared to their peers.

The Results

Now that many Gamma employees are working remotely, they’ve had to adapt to a brand-new work/ life balance.

Many are not based at their desks all day, so they’re relying more heavily on agile and flexible tools. The Akixi mobile app offers the visibility of team performance that is needed.

When team leaders aren’t at the desktop, they can still keep an eye on everything that’s happening with their team. Akixi reports mean that supervisors and managers can continue to recognize and celebrate hard work.

They’re even able to award the coveted “Golden Phone Prize” to their team members at the end of each quarter.

The Gamma workforce already felt comfortable with the Akixi system before remote working strategies began. Employees were using the Akixi app, wallboards, and live reports to track and optimize performance.

As the world shifted to remote work as a way of handling the COVID-19 pandemic, the flexibility of the Akixi solutions means that Gamma can continue to thrive. The Internal Sales team uses the Akixi 2000 wallboard, alongside screen-sharing technology from Horizon Collaborate.

Now more than ever, Rebecca is appreciating the benefits of the Akixi mobile app, enabling her to continue to keep a close eye on what the team are up to – without having to be in the same office.

Although the Akixi features that Gamma are using today are supporting the company’s new remote strategy, they’re having the most success with the leaderboard.

Rebecca adds: “The leaderboard is the team’s favourite feature because they all compete to be at the top at the end of each day/week.”

The Akixi wallboards and leaderboards are keeping team members motivated and inspired at a time when in-office collaboration isn’t available.

This is particularly important in a time when employees are handling around 35,751 sales calls.

Rebecca notes: “Akixi has been hugely beneficial during the lockdown as it has helped me maintain visibility of the team and helped the team maintain their competitive spirit.”

“It has also helped us track how lockdown has impacted levels of communication and engagement with partners.”

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 13th Oct 2020 - Last modified: 16th Jan 2023
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