Case Study: Urban Massage Integrates With Salesforce

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Urban Massage has improved customer satisfaction, call routing and data usage by using the Natterbox Advanced Voice Services Platform to integrate with Salesforce.

About Urban Massage

Urban Massage uses cutting-edge technology to connect people in busy urban areas with the wellness services they need – at home and on-demand.

Currently available in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Paris, people can find and book an expert therapist via the app or website in as little as 30 seconds.

Maintaining a Personal Touch as an On-Demand Business

Urban Massage has always focused on the personal touch and connecting people to provide treatments to customers in their home.

As the business started out based around a phone line, maintaining that connection to build trust between customers, therapists and the business was and will continue to be crucial.

Presently, as a predominantly app-based business, providing that human experience and relationship can be difficult to replicate.

For Urban Massage, being able to speak to someone is vital to build trust – not just for customers, but for therapists as well.

“We have two audiences to whom we need to provide an exemplary experience – customers and therapists,” said Giles Williams, CTO and Co-Founder at Urban Massage.

“Everything we do is centred on making life easier – we let customers book treatments when and where it suits their busy schedules, but we are also here to help our therapists when they’re on the go, handling the administration so they can focus on doing what they love most. Having a team on hand to support is a key part of why they choose to work with Urban.”

“Massage is an inherently personal experience, with programmes often tailored to countering long-term issues or injuries. On the journey, people often develop a great relationship with their therapist, trust their expertise and enjoy the consistency of the same therapist over time.”

“As we modernise the massage industry, we need to make sure that we aren’t sacrificing that personal touch for convenience.”

However, doing so when booking over a helpline has its challenges. A customer may speak to a different agent each time, which means it’s critical to have easy, fast access to that customer’s preferences, previous treatments and other information.

Also, Urban Massage’s previous supplier made it difficult to follow different interactions and understand who the customer was and what they needed.

“We needed a system that ensured that if the customer called up for whatever reason, whether to book an appointment or raise an issue they couldn’t address through the app, we already knew what was coming, who they were and what help we needed to provide.”

One-to-One Service

To find that level of service, Urban Massage considered a few options. Firstly, it needed to combine a single customer view CRM with its phone system to reach its goal of a seamless customer experience.

It selected Salesforce for the single customer view, and the Salesforce team recommended Natterbox’s full Advanced Voice Services Platform for the telephony.

The solution now gives Urban Massage’s administrator the ability to configure and run the entire phone system and contact centre from a single platform whilst integrating with the CRM.

“The impact has been transformational for our business,” said Giles. “We’ve been able to radically simplify the way our agents access customer and therapist data.”

“Previously we had to use several different apps to pull all the information together. This takes time and can be disheartening and frustrating for both the agent and the person at the other end of the phone.”

“With Salesforce and Natterbox, we’re able to fix problems much faster thanks to the integration between phone and CRM.”

This integration includes smarter routing of queries and the ability to view customer information instantly, helping to dramatically improve the efficiency of agents.

Also, it includes the ability to record calls – important for compliance, but also deployed in coaching and training to allow agents to listen to their own calls and identify areas of improvement.

However, while the functionality and benefits of Natterbox’s platform were a big part of its appeal, the way it worked with Urban Massage was also a key decision factor.

“A lot of other providers made us feel like we didn’t have enough scale or volume to justify the level of experience and engagement we needed. Natterbox doesn’t care about how big you are; the service we received was exemplary from day one.”

Helping Deliver a Higher Level of Customer Satisfaction

All of Urban Massage’s UK customer service team are currently using the Natterbox service and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the team reporting how much easier and less stressful connecting therapists and customers has become.

Giles explains: “The fact that it works – and works well – is genuinely exciting. Before, we couldn’t always connect to certain numbers, particularly mobiles, and would occasionally experience outages. It used to keep me awake at night. I’m sleeping much better now.”

Having a simple and flexible platform means that as the company grows, adding new employees is straightforward.

“While I know there’s a lot of complex tech behind it, one of the great things is how easy to use the system is. Our customer service team needs to focus on empathising and connecting with customers and therapists, rather than on technology, so having apps they can use easily is so important.”

The introduction of Natterbox and Salesforce is also an integral part of Urban Massage’s plans to scale. It already has an international presence in Paris, and needs to be sure it can provide an optimum customer experience as it continues to grow.

“Having someone that gets a business of our size and needs, and is there to support us when we need it means that we can focus on our core offering and services and not worry about the technical aspects of delivering it.”

“We’re in the business of making our customers’ and therapists’ lives easier, and it’s great to have partners doing the same for us.”

Keeping Close to Customers While Growing Further

For Urban Massage, the potential of the on-demand wellness market is immense. With the global wellness industry predicted to grow to $5 trillion by 2020, there is significant opportunity for businesses able to connect practitioners and customers.

Giles says: “We’re at a critical point in history. There’s never been more mobile workers, with the ability to deal with customers, suppliers and business partners instantly thanks to technology. Yet one person can only do so much.”

“At the same time, people are getting used to being able to order anything via an app. We are in a position to help both customers and therapists get what they expect, without any hassle. To continue to do that, we need partners who can scale with us.”

“Natterbox is exactly the sort of business we need to work with to maintain our relationships with our audiences while we’re still growing.”

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 21st Jan 2019 - Last modified: 23rd Jan 2019
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