Case Study: Zain Jordan Improves Customer Service

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“Since we rolled out RingCentral Engage Digital, our agents are able to handle far more customer support interactions than they ever have.” Abdel-Majeed Al-Adwan, Commercial Support Director, Zain Jordan.

The Most Innovative Telecom Provider in Jordan’s History

Few companies in any industry can legitimately describe themselves as pioneers—but telecommunications giant Zain Jordan has definitely earned a spot on that shortlist.

As the country’s leading mobile telecom provider since its founding in 1994, Zain Jordan’s history includes many firsts. They were the first company to offer mobile communication services in Jordan.

They delivered the country’s first mobile data and wireless-access-point solutions. And they were the first telecom operator to launch a 4G LTE network in Jordan.

Even though they’ve led the market in the country’s mobile industry for decades, Zain Jordan continues to innovate like a high-energy start-up. In recent years, for example, the company has launched a number of first-of-their-kind mobile apps in the country—for gaming, streaming entertainment, and even mobile banking.

But Zain Jordan’s commitment to innovation extends beyond the company’s product portfolio. With millions of individual and business customers depending every day on their mobile and internet services, the company also aims to use innovation to continuously improve their customer support experience.

One example of the company’s continued commitment to innovation was Zain Jordan’s rollout of RingCentral Engage Digital, giving customers more choice than ever in where and how they connect with support agents.

Disjointed Tools Left Their Customer Support Team With Spotty Coverage

Prior to RingCentral, Zain Jordan’s customer support environment consisted of several disparate platforms—one to handle calls, another for online chat, and yet another to communicate with customers through social media.

The company had not rolled out a solution to let customers reach support via a messaging app, such as WhatsApp, largely because that would have meant adding yet another standalone solution.

Abdel-Majeed Al-Adwan, Commercial Support Director in Zain Jordan, explains that a major challenge with this scattered-platform approach was that the company did not have visibility into their customers’ overall behaviour or preferences.

“We wanted insights into how our customers were reaching out to us, and what we could do to improve those interactions. But our engagement tools didn’t give us that data.” Abdel-Majeed Al-Adwan, Commercial Support Director, Zain Jordan.

Nor was this the only challenge. As Al-Adwan points out: “Because we were running these digital channels on separate solutions, we had to assign our agents to a single channel. Otherwise, they’d have to be monitoring different platforms simultaneously.”

The downside of this approach was that an agent with expertise in a specific area of the company’s product suite might not always receive those enquiries. “If a customer pinged support through an online chat, but the agent most knowledgeable about the caller’s topic was handling social media enquiries, we could miss the chance to provide that customer with the best possible support or sales experience.”

Unifying All Channels to Create a Customer Engagement Hotspot

The solution to these challenges, Zain’s team discovered after researching many solutions, was RingCentral Engage Digital.

“RingCentral could pull all of our digital channels for customer engagement… online chat, app messaging, email, and social media… into one digital environment that we could manage easily and that our agents could use anywhere.” Abdel-Majeed Al-Adwan, Commercial Support Director, Zain Jordan.

With RingCentral Engage Digital, Zain Jordan’s teams were able not only to manage all of their existing support channels in an integrated platform but also to add new channels. “Thanks to RingCentral, we were able to introduce a WhatsApp channel for customers who wanted to connect with us via mobile app messaging,” says Abdel-Majeed.

“Now that our digital engagement channels are working so efficiently, because they’re all integrated in our RingCentral environment, we’ve been adding messages on our support phone lines letting callers know they don’t need to wait to speak with an agent—they can reach us right away on chat, social media, or WhatsApp.”

As he points out, that strategy is working incredibly well—enabling the company’s agents to handle support enquiries more quickly while also giving customers their preferred means of communication. “We’ve learned most customers prefer to use these digital channels to reach us, rather than calling us on the phone,” he says.

“Because we now have RingCentral Engage Digital, we’re able to give our customers that freedom to contact us in whatever ways they choose.” Abdel-Majeed Al-Adwan, Commercial Support Director, Zain Jordan.

The numbers tell the story. In 2020, Zain Jordan enabled customers to resolve their own issues without ever engaging a live support agent in 34% of all cases. Where 34% of the total support enquiries that came in through digital channels were handled by the AI-driven chatbot that Zain’s team integrated into RingCentral Engage Digital.

Additionally, by all strategically important metrics—response time, average call time, internal evaluations from the company’s quality team, customer surveys—agent performance has improved since the pandemic hit.

This is all the more incredible considering how much additional volume these agents were handling, all while working remotely for the first time. In fact, the total number of digital support threads in 2020 nearly doubled over the previous year. Zain credits much of the success to the company’s new customer engagement platform.

“By all key metrics, our agents’ performance is up since we rolled out RingCentral—even though they’ve been working remotely since March 2020.” Abdel-Majeed Al-Adwan, Commercial Support Director, Zain Jordan.

In fact, after reviewing their customer interactions data using different reporting and analytics including RingCentral’s reporting and analytics tools, Zain’s team discovered that inbound traffic across all of Zain Jordan’s customer support channels more than tripled after the pandemic lockdowns.

But because their communications solution integrated these channels into one seamless digital environment and made it easy for agents to manage enquiries from home, this significant spike in call volume did not result in any negative impact on the quality of customer service.

“We managed to handle that 200% increase in support digital traffic without compromising our response times or quality of service, and with minimal addition of new agents to our staff. RingCentral Engage Digital made all the difference for us.” Abdel-Majeed Al-Adwan, Commercial Support Director, Zain Jordan.

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Published On: 16th Aug 2021 - Last modified: 17th Aug 2021
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