Centrical Unveils the Select Award Winners!

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Centrical hosted their 2023 customer awards ceremony to honor and recognize organizations who are going above and beyond in transforming their frontline employee experience.

“As the Chief Customer Officer at Centrical, I am privileged to partner closely alongside my team with outstanding global enterprises.

Our customers are dedicated to their employees and are pioneering remarkable shifts in engagement, learning, coaching, and performance.

Our fourth annual Select Awards ceremony is a special moment to honor and celebrate those using Centrical to propel their businesses forward. A heartfelt congratulations to our 2023 award winners.”Daphne Saragosti, Chief Customer Officer   

The Organization Wide Winners:

The Scholar | DHL

The Scholar represents a team who built a truly unique learning environment, one where learning is hyper engaging, always-on, and delivers daily impact.

DHL showcased a scalable approach to learning – going well beyond a one-time project for one subset of employees.

They have developed innovative best practices that deliver repeatable and measurable outcomes in terms of learner engagement, addressing knowledge gaps, improving retention, and impacting business results.

DHL received this award due to their holistic approach to learning to their global sales organization.

They understand that engaging content, focused on knowledge that is immediately impactful for each learner, and is the path to building a culture of learning that fosters continuous growth.

DHL took the time to create a comprehensive learning journey with beautifully designed content and a creative narrative that included gamification elements for that extra excitement.

They leverage the wide range of possibilities in the Centrical platform without forgetting the important role of the manager in supporting the growth and development of their employees. Congratulations to the DHL team on winning the 2023 Scholar Award.

“At DHL, we are committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development. Recognizing the pivotal role of interactive, engaging solutions in driving this mission, we embarked on a journey to create the Sales Academy for Sales Executives.

The Academy incorporates content which reflects the latest industry insights, trends, and best practices to ensure our Sales Executives can Sell with the Buyer’s Perspective.” 

The Gamechanger | Foundever in France

The Gamechanger category represents a team who has implemented a unique gamification strategy to drive desirable employee behaviors and sustain engagement over time.

Foundever in France has successfully deployed a one-of-a-kind experience that is truly out of this world.

They combined the powers of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation with creative game dynamics and mechanics – all of which helped employees to stay engaged, drive long-lasting behavioral changes and performance outcomes.

Foundever in France embarked on a journey of transformation with the introduction of Centrical. The objective was clear: enhance manager experience, coaching, and training while maximizing engagement through gamification. Not only was this objective met but exceeded.

Their success is built on the implementation of a virtual currency reward strategy, recognizing the efforts of employees and managers.

Actions such as weekly platform connections, knowledge acquisition through podcasts and quizzes, meeting weekly objectives, and participation in challenges have all contributed to this success.

The virtual currency earned is not just a number; it opens the door to their highly appreciated Centrical Store with an updated catalog every six months, offering diverse items from small appliances to vacations. Congratulations to the Foundever team in France on winning the 2023 Gamechanger Award.

“We’re so pleased and honored to receive this recognition from Centrical,” said Olivier Blanchard, General Manager of the French-speaking market at Foundever.

“At a moment when our clients are actively accelerating their digital transformation efforts, this award showcases our ability to build strong partnerships with digital leaders, such as Centrical, in order to support our clients and our people.” 

The Captain | Conduent

The Captain Category represents a team who has built robust, scalable, and effective employee management & coaching mechanisms to support their frontline leaders.

Conduent provides their frontline managers with the right tools, training, and insights to successfully guide every one of their direct reports to success.

They employ coaching processes that empower and motivate employees to succeed each day, ensure alignment with business needs, and create focus—delivering measurable business outcomes regardless of where their employees are working.

Using Centrical, Conduent has built a client-tailored, yet streamlined approach to coaching their employees, resulting in client-ready, knowledgeable associates who provide gold-standard services to their customers.

The robust and thoughtful employee engagement approach in the platform considers not only the employee as a professional, but also as a person, so they truly capture what the employee needs to be successful.

Seeing employees beyond their performance is what sets them apart from the rest.  Congratulations to the Conduent team on winning the 2023 Captain Award.

The Innovator | OVO

There is not an exact playbook to follow when it comes to innovation. OVO followed their vision and used our platform to do something truly unique, and completely next level that successfully drove their business and employees to succeed.

The OVO team has a truly innovative vision of how Centrical can align with their company values and response to the current climate crisis impacting everybody today.

OVO’s vision was established earlier in the year and through Centrical, they wanted to empower people to see the organizations impact of OVO’s products and its services.

They wanted to show each zero-carbon living advisor (ZCLA) the impact that their direct work and efforts were having on the environment.

Earlier in the year, OVO enabled a new KPI called the Virtual Forest which brings to life what their contribution means, planting more trees and increasing carbon avoidance.

They plan to launch a brand-new game in 2024 to further expand their vision and we at Centrical are super pleased to support them on their journey and see the virtual forest come to life in their new game! Congratulations to the OVO team on winning the 2023 Innovator Award.

The High-Performer | Bread Financial

The High Performer Category represents a team who uses data to help their business succeed, offering employees personalized and dynamic goals, and delivering the most relevant feedback.

Bread Financial has created performance management processes that, while centralized and scalable, are personalized for each of their associates.

They use real-time data to improve performance across their organization, adapt goals to fit changing business needs, and help team leaders provide coaching when and where it matters most.

The Bread Financial team has thoughtfully used the data available on Centrical to help their teams work seamlessly together.

By fostering a strong team spirit, they’ve created a workplace where collaboration and partnerships thrive. Integrating data analytics into their operations allowed them to make informed decisions, boosting their overall associate experience.

This team has engaged and evolved their frontline supervisors via different methods, to adopt the platform and watch their teams improve their performance.

This unique combination of teamwork and data-driven decisions set them apart to earn the High Performer title. Congratulations to the Bread Financial team on winning the 2023 High Performer Award.

“We’re proud to be named Centrical’s High Performer for 2023. Bringing this platform to our associates and leaders has created numerous benefits including improved performance and more informed leaders,” said the team at Bread Financial.

“We look forward to building the momentum we’ve created this year and continue enhancing our associate experience in 2024.” 

Individual Award Winners:

The Visionary | Suzanne Reay, Ocado Retail Ltd

From the very first discussions with Centrical, Suzanne had a unique vision for Centrical, and how it could support their business needs was clearly set out.

But it was more than that, Suzanne was able to gaze past the current moment in time and look into the future she was bringing to life.

Her vision is about transforming Ocado’s Customer Hub managers into proactive leaders in the way they act on performance management and, at the same time, transforming advisors into full owners of their own performance results.

With an amazing, fully branded solution, Suzanne’s vision came to life with Centrical, or Mint as it’s known internally, across all areas of the Customer Hub.

And today we are seeing the results, those who interact with the system most often outperform their peers in all key customer metrics. Which means better operational performance and a better customer experience.

And Suzanne, as a true visionary, is now continuing to dream, design and implement the next vision, and the one after that, and the one after that. We are thrilled to be on this journey with Ocado and Suzanne and are eagerly anticipating what’s next.

“I am ecstatic to win this award. I genuinely love working with Centrical and I am already very excited to continue our Mint Journey together and raise our bar even higher in 2024.”  

Congratulations to Suzanne!

Employee Experience Champion of the Year | Jessica DiCicco Randstad and Iuliana Tampau Webhelp x Concentrix

Two individuals have been recognized as individuals who promoted the entire employee experience in their organization.

Jessica is a dedicated and enthusiastic advocate for positive employee learning experiences using the Centrical platform.

Jessica has promoted adoption of Centrical across the global learning and development space within Randstad, growing the impact to over 2300 users within business groups across 7 countries in less than two years.

She is passionate about reinforcement learning to improve performance and solve real-world problems, and constantly looks for new ways to apply it.

Jessica was named a Top 10 Learning and Development Professional by OnCon in 2022 and, under her direction, the Randstad US Learning and Development team was named as the #2 Learning and Development team by OnCon in 2023. Jessica is a true asset to Randstad and to the industry.

Iuliana is a unique and dedicated champion of Centrical, who has been using the platform for many years.

She is a super engaged user in Power Up herself and her knowledge of Centrical is truly exceptional.

She leverages her experience and expertise from Power Up and working with Centrical and has excelled in her mission to create a superior experience for Webhelp Concentrix Romania employees.

She has empowered them with the most optimal, fun and engaging experience in Centrical, all whilst allowing them to learn new things every day.

The employees seem to agree too, since after many years of using Centrical, they still to this day, achieve high login and engagement rates across her account, with an average of 85% weekly login, and of those users, 97% engagement every week – some weeks even reaching 100% engagement!

Iuliana has also become one of the keys, go to people in Webhelp Concentrix to share ideas, best practices and support with onboarding additional accounts across the globe in her time, which she takes in her stride alongside her work in the Romania account.

We are excited to see what plans Iuliana has next to continue to make Centrical the best experience for Webhelp Concentrix’s employees.

“It is a great honour and joy to win an award from Centrical, this time individually. Since I started the Centrical adventure my work has become much more enjoyable. I love what I do and all the new things I discover every day in Centrical and Power-up.

This is also the main reason why I help any new project to use this amazing tool. Let’s hope that 2024 will bring us more and more projects and new enthusiastic Centrical users.”

Congratulations to Jessica and Iuliana!

Creative Content Pioneer | Nick Silipo and Sterling Jordan Alliance One

This award celebrates creators who have pioneered new creative approaches in their field.

Nick and Sterling have formed a dynamic duo and mastered their understanding of all that Centrical has to offer.

They have leveraged nearly all the platform’s capabilities to drive spectacular employee engagement and performance improvement.

The duo designed fun and rewarding objective-driven campaigns, incorporating the Super Bowl and other seasonal events to drive continued excitement and competition.

They carried them out They skillfully used missions to create content and refreshers while leveraging different features like notifications, mini-games, custom kudos, and coaching templates to deliver knowledge in an unexpected, delightful, and user-friendly way. Congratulations to Nick and Sterling!

“With Centrical’s gamification platform along with the partnership from the Centrical team, we were able to create an engaging, competitive, and performance focused environment for our teams in the last year. We cannot wait to see where 2024 takes us!” 

Congratulations to Nick and Sterling!

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