CX Fest 2024: Networking with Sun, Sand, and CX Insights!

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CX Fest 2024, happening from September 5-7 at Wake & Camp in Ruhlsdorf near Berlin, where CX professionals can learn and meet each other in a natural setting.

The event features panel discussions and activities like waterskiing, aiming to create a refreshing alternative to traditional conventions.

Organizers emphasize the benefits of outdoor learning, citing research on nature’s positive impact on adult learners. Inspired by the success of last year’s inaugural event, which attendees described as ‘monumental’ and ‘refreshing’.

“We wanted to take all that knowledge, all those experts, and do something totally different,” said Robert Cwicinski, one of the organizers of CX Fest. “Something that wouldn’t feel like work.”

Traditionally, business education experts have overlooked the benefits of outdoor learning for adults. However, this perspective is shifting as research increasingly supports the advantages of natural settings for adult learners.

Studies show that office productivity can increase by 15% when spaces are filled with plants, and the colour green is linked to stress reduction.

Dr. Sandris Zeivots of the University of Sydney discovered that “nature profoundly affected the experiences of participants” in outdoor learning, fostering openness to new ideas.

“In our industry we’re always thinking about how to give people the best possible experience. So why shouldn’t we do the same thing for each other when we get together?” said Pierce Buckley, another of the festival’s organizers.

Learn more about CX Fest and book tickets here

Author: Robyn Coppell
Reviewed by: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 3rd Jul 2024
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