What’s the Secret to Developing Contact Centre Super-Agents?

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In this episode of QStory’s Dear Dave, Dave Preece focuses on how you can support your centre’s development of the Superagent.


Over the past couple of years, contact centres have seen lots and lots of change. One change is that, for the first time, we’ve seen some genuine shift in the channels the customers use. Customers are willing to start a live web or text chat to help solve a simple enquiry.

However, in some instances, where a customer has a complex or personal enquiry, there is no substitute for speaking to a well-trained, knowledgeable human.

As a result, we are seeing the need to develop more highly skilled agents to deliver a gold-standard service in the customer’s hour of need.

Now, these agents are going to be very special indeed – they’ll need to understand your products and processes in detail; they’ll need to be empowered with the responsibility to step outside those processes to resolve customers’ problems. And they’ll be equally adept at written communication as well as verbal.

This won’t just happen – in order to produce your very own ‘superagents’, you are going to have to invest in some skills training.

So, Dear Dave viewers want to know, ‘Can I prepare my workforce for the new world through better training?’

QStory can help you to find time to deliver training to your agents, automatically and with no detriment to your service level.

Our Heads Up Display dashboard, in conjunction with our AutoPilot feature, will identify periods of non-productive time in your day and automatically deliver targeted skills training, such as product updates or process reengineering skills, to selected agents.

It’ll never miss an opportunity to maximise the amount of skills development offered to your budding superagents.

The Team Leader Portal will allow team leaders to book development sessions at times when service levels will allow – more and more of these development sessions will actually happen, rather than being cancelled, giving you greater ‘training traction’ than ever before.

It’s clear that, in the modern world, your customer experience will, more than ever, be determined by the skills and knowledge of your workforce.

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Published On: 15th Apr 2024
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