Happy Birthday Call Centre Helper

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We are today celebrating Call Centre Helper’s 5th birthday. We’d like to say a huge thank you for all of your support in making this happen.

We started Call Centre Helper in August 2003 with a simple idea – to provide call centre help and advice online.

Since then Call Centre Helper has grown to be the most popular call centre magazine in the UK.

Annual traffic growth has been impressive

Year 1 – (Aug 2003 – Aug 2004) – 6,822 page views
Year 2 – (Aug 2004 – Aug 2005) – 119,029 page views
Year 3 – (Aug 2005 – Aug 2006) – 336,578 page views
Year 4 – (Aug 2006 – Aug 2007) – 449,927 page views
Year 5 – (Aug 2007 – Aug 2008) – 925,693 page views

Last month (July 2008) we had over 23,224 visitors to the Call Centre Helper website.

Let’s look forward to celebrating many more Happy Birthdays.

Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 6th Aug 2008 - Last modified: 10th Jul 2018
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  • Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday Call Centre Helper,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Well done on your five years in business

    jamesportcullis 7 Aug at 08:41

    You turned 5 only today
    But all these years, u made each of our’s day
    Sharing knowledge to sharpen skill
    Always be thank ful to you i will!!!!

    Heureuse Anniversaire!!!! Cheers!!!!

    Pinaz 7 Aug at 11:01
  • By 5 years old a child can walk
    Has learnt to play and sing and talk
    With words of wisdom from those who care
    She learns to give and take and share

    So in 5 years there’s much to learn
    In both work and in play
    At times advice can mean one thing
    And change by the next day

    But with Call Centre Helper, this isn’t true
    Advice is great at best
    Why read another magazine
    When this beats all the rest?

    Lynn Wood 7 Aug at 11:19
  • Thanks for your kind replies everyone!

    jorobinson 7 Aug at 11:22
  • I have been a regular subscriber to Call Centre Helper for some time now and find it a great source of information. I share articles with colleagues and direct then to the newsletter for subscription. It is great to have access to the 1,000s of experts who read and contribute to the newsletter. Here’s to another 5 years!!

    Janet Clapham 7 Aug at 11:24
  • Call Centre helper has ‘helped’ me day by day
    to make the job I do go just my way
    if you ever left, i do fear I might cry
    cos your tastier to me than a meat and potato pie!

    Chris Jones 7 Aug at 12:47
  • Well done Jonty and the team. So much done, so much to do! The industry has come a long way in 5 years. I just looked up the top predictions in 2002 and it all talked about CRM and systems…now its customer experience and people & process so things have moved on !

    Peter Massey 7 Aug at 14:49
  • Yay Chris Jones…and so say all of us!

    Except it would be ‘Ants’ not ‘Meat & Potato Pie!’

    Arnie Ardvark 7 Aug at 14:36
  • Happy birthday call centre helper!

    Because im not based in the UK and find it hard to hear the ‘jungle drums’, this site has been a godsend. Soooo, whether your in the jungles of Africa or down coronation street, dont forget to log on my fellow herbivores!

    Geoff Raffe 8 Aug at 12:25
  • For volume of comments alone James Portcullis, whomever he may be deserves a bottle of champagne 🙂

    I have found call centre helper to be invaluable for keeping up to date with what is current hot in the world of Contact Centres and also coaching tips etc. I always look forward to it popping into my inbox.

    Keep up the good work. Thanks

    Fiona 10 Aug at 05:49
  • Happy Birthday from across the pond! We love you over here as well.

    Ann Onimous 11 Aug at 19:56
  • Wow! 5 years

    Thank you so much for all the tips
    You have helped me develop myself
    Motivated me to pass on my knowledge
    You have helped me achieve so much in 5 years
    Fab, spot the differnece competitions

    Happy Birthday to you all looking forward to many more

    Julie Whitehead 13 Aug at 14:00
  • Fiona

    Thanks for the kind words. A bottle of champagne that would be great hic hic.

    I retired from call centre work five years ago, after 15 years in the business. I have a bit of time on my hands and still like to see how the industry is developing (helps my ailing share portfolio).



    James Portcullis 13 Aug at 18:48
  • Happy birthday Call Centre Helper.

    We really enjoy your work. God bless

    Eton Joseph 6 Sep at 08:58
  • Sorry there was a Spelling mistake in the above comment (such)

    Wow Gr8 5 years in industry

    Iam very lucky to view such a kind of web site.
    Iam really happy!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much for all the tips
    You have helped me to develop myself…..
    Many thanks once again….

    dathu 31 Oct at 23:04