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Did you make it to CallMiner LISTEN UK 2023? If not, here’s a round-up of some of the conversation highlights, which explore the potential of better intelligence for better experiences.

1. Analytics Can Answer “Why Is It So Busy Today?” – Without the Guessing Game

As representatives from one of the largest purely digital retailers shared:

“’Why is it so busy today?’ is always a difficult question to answer. Traditionally, contact centre managers would have tried to answer this by going to their agents on the floor and asking, ‘What are customers calling about today?’ to try and build a picture and spot any common themes. And whilst this is useful qualitative data, it’s not very scientific.

“This is where analytics data is like gold dust! You can see exactly what customers are calling about (for example, issues with a new promo code) and pinpoint exactly where the problem is.

“This allows you to take proactive steps to listen to the right calls, explore the problem, and address it. All saving a lot of time! The other benefit is that, once solutions are deployed, you can also monitor how much of a difference it’s making.

“This all really helps with communication across the contact centre too, as managers can reassure agents “the problem is… and we’re working to fix it by…” as well as being able to have more honest and reassuring conversations with customers about why they may have had to wait longer to have their call answered today.”

2. AI Is the Future

As Henry Vaage Iversen, CCO & Co-Founder of, commented:

“In the future, everything is going to be AI-driven to some extent, either to support agents or to talk directly to customers.”

Jeff Gallino, CTO and Founder of CallMiner added:

“We see this technology as a way to better, faster, cheaper, safer.”

3. Stop and Think Before Jumping on the AI “Bandwagon”

However, AI should be approached with strategic intent, as Craig John, Global Innovation Director of Davies Group, cautioned:

“There are CEOs out there who are currently falling into the generative AI hype instructing their teams by saying, ‘we need to use ChatGPT’, but these industry leaders really need to be looking at asking the question of what outcome they want to achieve and what value they’re chasing – i.e., the WHY.

“It’s also critical these leaders really start to understand the risks and negative impact this technology could play on people across the operation.”

As Henry Vaage Iversen, CCO & Co-Founder of, added:

“One way to think about things right now it is that AI is a hammer, and everyone is now looking for nails. We need to be solving the right problems not just adopting AI to follow the hype.”

4. Delivering Positive Customer Outcomes – Wherever It Comes From

As Jeff Gallino, CTO and Founder of CallMiner, reflected: “We’re already living in a world where humans and tech exist side-by-side.”

And while there was debate over whether organizations need to do a better job of communicating when customers are interacting with an AI solution or a real human, there was consensus that meeting customer needs and delivering positive customer outcomes is most important.

Having a ‘human in the loop’ continues to be critical, as Eric Williamson, Chief Marketing Officer at CallMiner, said: “Sometimes people want to talk to another person, for the conversation and the empathy.”

And Henry Vaage Iversen, CCO & Co-Founder of, added:

“Most people just want an answer, wherever it comes from.”

5. Interaction Analytics Can Help Identify and Score Vulnerable Customers

As part of the ‘Using Interaction Analytics to Drive CX and Fuel Your Business Performance’ session, there was justification for putting a financial vulnerability index in place to help score each customer for multiple vulnerability indicators – including whether they are retired, a single parent or on benefits.

This can allow you to segment your customer database and give them the support they need.

A further consideration raised was that vulnerable customers will likely spike your average handling time (AHT), which shouldn’t be an issue if those calls are handled by agents who are properly trained. Real-time prompts can make the world of difference in supporting agents through these conversations.

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