Masterclass: Why CX Can’t Hang Up on the Voice Channel

Masterclass: Why CX Can't Hang Up on the Voice Channel
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Date: 01 May 2024, 2:00PM BST

Location: Virtual

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If you think customer service is all about digital – you’d be wrong.

Recent research reveals that while some customers are keen for self-service channels (and this has long been the case), many still rely on the voice channel for their more complex queries.​

There’s a problem though: voice is lagging behind in customer satisfaction. So how do you strike the balance?​

In this masterclass you’ll learn:​

  • The current channel mix and its impact, according to Contact Babel’s first-hand research​
  • The importance of the Voice channel for high-emotion, high complexity issues​
  • How you can strike the balance between your different service channels to delight customers
  • How evaluagent can help you focus your efforts (100% analysis across all your channels, robust reporting to understand data)
  • ​Next steps for better CX
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Published On: 17th Apr 2024 - Last modified: 1st May 2024
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