NICE Releases Nexidia Analytics – a Futuristic Interaction Analytics Solution

NICE, a provider of software solutions that help organisations improve customer experience and ensure compliance, has announced the launch of Nexidia Analytics – an interaction analytics solution that offers real-time and accurate omnichannel analysis.

Miki Migdal, President of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, stated in a company release, “Leveraging Nexidia’s leading capabilities, the latest NICE solution offers unparalleled accuracy, scalability, and performance, enabling organisations around the globe to capitalise on the powerful insights from their omnichannel interactions. Infusing analytics into all our solutions is a pivotal strategy for NICE, and the integration of this technology with our WFO suite represents another critical step in reinventing customer service.”

The new solution comprises of the best features from both NICE and Nexidia. It makes use of neural networks for performing complicated text and audio search across methods of interaction like emails, chats, surveys, and calls. It is recording-agnostic and hence provides valuable insights for driving business. By adding on to the existing capabilities of NICE in regard to analytics, the platform will enable reaching customers and prospects with the help of tools for achieving success in business across the enterprise.

The new platform is integrated with other solutions of NICE like Performance Management, Engage, and Quality Management. It has a number of capabilities like interface dashboards that are role-specific, statistical text mining and advanced linguistics for convenient integration, and root-cause analysis and cross-channel insights.

NICE is a provider of both on-premises and cloud solutions that help organisations in making smoother decisions on the basis of advanced analytics of both structured and unstructured data.

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Published On: 26th Jan 2017 - Last modified: 12th Feb 2019
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