Planning Teams Play a Key Role in Employee Satisfaction

The customer is king and measuring customer satisfaction is a key element in measuring performance.

For the WFM team, the ‘customer’ is Operations, including the agents and supervisory staff.

You should conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys to measure the Operations team’s satisfaction with WFM elements such as:

  • Shift choices available
  • Perception of fairness in shift assignments
  • Time off and shift swap management fairness
  • Schedule adherence management fairness
  • Self-service options
  • Willingness of the WFM team to accommodate requests
Chris Dealy

Chris Dealy

Shift patterns are an emotive subject. Surveys like this one – Which Perks Really Interest Employees? – have revealed that flexible working hours are good for staff morale.

One the other hand, dissatisfaction with shifts is a well-known driver of staff turnover. Agents leave for all sort of reasons, but if shift patterns are not frequently cited as a reason for leaving during exit interviews, that is a good indicator that the planning team is playing its part in employee retention.

With thanks to Chris Dealy at injixo

Published On: 24th May 2016 - Last modified: 17th Sep 2019
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