Sensée’s LiveDesk Available Through the G-Cloud 13 Government Framework

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Sensée is delighted to announce that its LiveDesk application to create Digital Workplaces for hybrid working front and back-office environments is now available through Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) G-Cloud 13 Government Framework to public sector organisations.

LiveDesk is a next-generation communications & collaboration app to ensure that everyone -independent of location – can tap into a real-time stream of information, care and support so they are optimised to deliver great service.

CCS supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. In 2021/22, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits equal to £2.8 billion – supporting world-class public services that offer best value for taxpayers.

Available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), LiveDesk brings together home and office-based people into a single digital workplace with all the tools needed to inform, support and engage just a click away. It provides:

  • One (web) app page with everyone needed to simplify employee experience (EX)
  • Continuous and certain support for frontline colleagues for better engagement
  • Consistent broadcasts, alerts and briefs, so nothing is missed
  • Peer-to-peer support and knowledge pooling to accelerate learning
  • Integration with comms tools like MS Teams
  • Digital Workplace Analytics for continuous improvement
  • Sentiment & Engagement tracking so no one is left hanging

Thousands of CX advisers are already benefiting from LiveDesk today by having a perfect-fit digital workplace that unites everyone under a digital roof so they are optimised for their work mission.

Launched in November 2022, G-Cloud 13 enables public sector organisations to purchase around 40,000 services from over 5000 suppliers that have been awarded a Framework Contract. To register to access services, customers must first register through the Public Procurement Gateway.

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Published On: 7th Dec 2022
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