Shrinkage Formula

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Shrinkage Formula

Total HC 20, Weekoff 5, Unplanned leave 3, planned leave 2, total rostered for the day (20-5-2) 13. What would be the planned and unplanned shrinkage and what would be the total shrinkage? Without any other factors.

Question asked by Abhishek

Here is the Formula

Hi Abhishek

The formula is contained in this article:  How to Calculate Contact Centre Shrinkage

With thanks to Jonty

How We Determine Shrinkage With AgentTime

We consider shrinkage to be the percent of time agents are not working during the time periods they are scheduled to work.

Our software explicitly schedules breaks, lunches, meetings, etc. in an optimal manner and do not consider them as part of shrinkage.

Prior to creating the staffing forecast, the user enters a Percent Available and a Percent Attendance.

Percent Attendance is the percent of time agents are actually working when scheduled to be.

80% is a common value and it means that 20% of the time agents are talking with their manager, taking a bathroom break, etc. Percent Attendance talks into account “no shows”, agents who were expected to come to work but do not. 98% attendance is a common figure.

We do an Erlang calculation for all the time periods in the day, and then divide the values by the product of the two percentages.

For example, .80 X .98 We then run the staffing numbers through our a simulator to take into account the many factors that Erlang C does not take into account.

With thanks to Stuart

Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 5th May 2022
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