Is There Such as Thing as a Technology ‘Silver Bullet’?

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In this episode of QStory’s Dear Dave, Solution Consultant Dave Preece will focus on the main problems experienced by contact centres these days – and how QStory can help you to face them head on.

Recently, I did some research on significant problems that contact centres are facing in 2022. I read dozens of articles and no two articles agreed 100% on the biggest issues, but it was clear that there are some recurring themes which have been around for years.

These are around technology, absenteeism, attrition, engagement and budget. Now, it doesn’t mean nobody has TRIED to address them – but they are difficult things to overcome in a dynamic, ever changing contact centre environment

Too often, technology isn’t an enabler, but something which requires manual workarounds or complex manual supporting processes.

Absenteeism and attrition have their roots in the same thing – businesses are just not providing enough compelling reasons for workers to fully engage with their role and give 100% to it.

And budget is a constraint that everybody in the industry has to work within – the key in this area is to do as much as you possibly can within those constraints.

So, Dear Dave viewers have asked me, ‘Can I address all of the main issues being faced in my contact centre today with one single silver bullet solution?’

We can help to provide your business with a single interface to multiple systems, such as your workforce management, call distribution, learning management and HR systems, enabling better communications, data warehousing, and quick, agile, automated redeployment of the workforce.

Give agents autonomy over schedules, helping them to achieve better-than-ever levels of work/life balance and to engage with the business, stay longer and bring their experience and knowledge to the fore, helping your customer experience

Give team leaders the ability to control their own day, and the opportunity to book coaching and training sessions with team members

Link in with your Learning & Development team, ensuring that critical mandatory or regulatory training sessions are delivered in a timely fashion and give huge amounts of insight on the reasons for poor performance, helping your business to produce achievable budgets – and helping you to reduce unnecessary overheads through effective shrinkage management.

Intraday automation is the key to unlocking the potential in both your business model and your workforce.

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Author: QStory

Published On: 2nd Apr 2024
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