Articles - Customer Feedback

This is a collection of articles with useful advice for methods for collecting customer feedback and how you can use the feedback that you have collected.

Survey rating icons next to person on tablet
How to Create the Best Customer Service Survey – With Examples
Improve Your Voice of Customer Programme
20 Smart Ideas to Improve Your Voice of the Customer Programme
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Shock: Contact Centres Are Ditching Surveys at an INCREDIBLE Rate
A picture of the concept of understanding your customers
Understanding Your Customers: 5 Practical Techniques
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19 Reasons Why Collecting Customer Feedback Is Important for Your Organization
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Recorded Webinar: Customer Feedback Strategies That You Cannot Ignore
The contact centre podcast cover art for Peter Massey's discussion on 'how can we increase customer engagement by doing less?'
Podcast: How can We Increase Customer Engagement by Doing Less
A photo of someone using a tablet to complete a survey
Customer Service Surveys – Bringing Sanity to the Survey
15 Practical Techniques to Improve Your Voice of the Customer Program
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25 Good Customer Feedback Examples
The word feedback is surrounded by survey, opinion, result, idea, comment, advice, rating and response
5 Places to Source Great Customer Feedback
How to Get the Silent Majority to Respond to a Customer Survey
How to Use Customer Feedback to Improve Journey Maps
Recorded Webinar: Getting the Best out of The Voice of the Customer
9 Ways to Encourage Customers to Give Feedback
An Introduction to… Voice of the Customer Technology
Recorded Webinar: How to Better Understand the Voice of the Customer
Drive the Voice of the Customer into the Business for Real Change
The Best Ways to Handle Customer Feedback
How Do I.. Capture the Voice of the Customer?
17 Tips for Collecting Customer Feedback
Recorded Webinar: The Voice of the Customer
The best ways to collect customer feedback
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The best ways to carry out a customer satisfaction survey