What Are the Most Popular Methods to Gather Customer Feedback?

22 Survey Cover How Do You Capture Customer Feedback?

We asked 294 contact centre professionals ‘How Do You Capture Customer Feedback?’

This article is an extract from our ‘What Contact Centres Are Doing Right Now’ 2022 survey report, which was sponsored by NICE.

How Do You Capture Customer Feedback?

22 Survey Graph How Do You Capture Customer Feedback?
Method of Getting Customer Feedback Response %
Email Surveys 53.9%
Voice of Employees (Customer Feedback From Employees) 51.8%
Customer Reason Codes 40.1%
Customer Research (e.g. Survey Panels and Interviews) 31.9%
Website Surveys 24.1%
SMS / Messaging App Surveys 19.5%
Social Listening 18.4%
Speech / Text Analytics 16.3%
Postal Surveys 6%

Speech and Text Analytics Increase in Popularity

In a shocking turn of events, this year’s results saw a reduction in all methods used to capture customer feedback except speech and text analytics.

This year the use of speech and text analytics to capture customer feedback rose 17.3% to 16.3%, just below 2020’s figure of 16.6%.

It is possible that this rise is a result of contact centres turning to smart solutions to monitor customer sentiment and gather feedback rather than continuing to use other resource-heavy alternatives.

22 Survey Table How Do You Capture Customer Feedback?

Popularity Plummets Across the Board

The most significant decreases are in Voice of Employees (VoE), which dropped 12.2% from 59.0% in 2021 to 51.8% (decreasing 25.6% since 2019), customer research, which plummeted 23.3% to 31.9%, and website surveys, which have fallen 31.7% to 24.1%.

All three of these methods now stand at their lowest point for the last four years; however, there have also been less significant decreases for the other methods of capturing customer feedback.

This survey was done in partnership with NICE

Published On: 13th Jul 2023
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