There Are Three Clear Knowledge Base Benefits

What is the Greatest Benefit of a Good Knowledge Base?

We asked ‘What Is the Greatest Benefit of a Good Knowledge Base?’ This article outlines what 224 contact centre professionals think is the most beneficial aspect of a good knowledge base.

The results have been taken from the Knowledge Management Chapter of our ‘What Contact Centres Are Doing Right Now’  2021 survey report, which was sponsored by ProcedureFlow.

What Is the Greatest Benefit of a Good Knowledge Base?

The benefits of a good contact centre knowledge base – results:

Knowledge Base Benefits Percentage
Create a “Trusted Source” of Key Information 32.3%
Consistency of Service Across Channels 27.0%
Communicating Key Information More Quickly 25.1%
Sharing of Information Across the Whole Organisation 5.4%
Lowering Time to Competency for new Employees 4.8%
Increasing Employee Engagement 3.6%
Enabling AI Technologies (Like Chatbots) 1.2%
Other 0.6%

There Are Three Clear Knowledge Base Benefits

When asked to choose the biggest benefit of a good knowledge base, respondents identified three clear favourites.

2021 Survey Graph What is the Greatest Benefit of a Good Knowledge Base?

These were: creating a “trusted source” of key information (32.3%), developing consistency of service across channels (27.0%), and communicating key information more quickly (25.1%).

The number-one benefit is particularly interesting, given the results of the previous question. To create a “trusted source” of information, that information must be accurate, something many contact centres are struggling with.

This survey was done in partnership with Akixi, NICE, Nuance, Odigo, Poly and ProcedureFlow.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 18th Aug 2022 - Last modified: 10th Oct 2023
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