Why Do We Still Get Blown Away by Good Customer Service?

Considering all the time and money invested in building company brands, it wouldn’t be unusual to assume that great customer service would be the norm. After all, companies spend massive budgets on collecting customer buying statistics, their interests and trends. Why then is it such a surprise to get good customer service?

It would appear that even with all this customer information, instead of going forward and using it to master excellent customer service, most businesses have gone backwards. Sadly, somewhere in between building brands and competitor analysis the focus on the customer has been lost. Today it is all about business and making money, and customer expectations are at an all-time low. Perhaps that explains why when someone in customer service actually just does what they are supposed to, customers are absolutely blown away.

Customer Service Low

On many counts this is tragic. When customer service is at such a low that customers actually expect to get the run-around, no answers or no response, it is especially sad. Most people actually weigh up if it is worth contacting a customer service desk because often it is more trouble or stress than it’s worth. Why call when all they will get is to wait in queues and be sent from one department to another without getting answers or feedback that will help them solve their problem? When most people have to deal with customer service centres they look forward to it about as much as they look forward to going to the dentist.

Customer Service Opportunity

On the other hand, it presents an incredible opportunity for any businesses that do value their customers. Customer expectations are at such an all-time low that you do not need to do much to wow customers. Quite simply, businesses just need to do what they said they would, when they said they would, and customers will be blown away. They will be able to do this simply because their competitors are not.

Now, that is not to say that this low level is what people working in customer service should aim for. But what it does mean is that customer service needs to get back to basics. Customers are people, not wallet bearers. It’s time to reconnect person to person, not shopping cart to credit card.

The good news is that this isn’t rocket science either. Every one of us is a customer in some way, and we know how we’d like to be treated. A business that wants to offer great customer service needs to be all about people, both within the organisation and outside of it.

Imagine how you converse with someone you value in your personal life. You listen when they talk, you empathise with them when they have struggles, and you provide them with the support they need to find solutions. When you speak to them it is with care and respect. Now, if your business values customers, don’t customers deserve the same courtesy? If you really think about it, could providing great customer service be easier than you think?

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Published On: 18th Jun 2014 - Last modified: 5th Feb 2019
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