Call Centre Management

5 Practical Solutions for Tackling Staff Absence


Poor attendance in the contact centre can have a negative impact on everything from team morale to schedule adherence. Here are 5 ways to help manage the issue.

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Are You a Manager or a Leader?


Glendon Evarts explains the difference between management and leadership.

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How Do I… Remove AHT as an Agent Target?


Our panel of experts explain how you can remove Average Handling Time (AHT) as a frontline metric.

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Twitter Debate – Should all Agents Handle all Channels?


We asked our Twitter followers “Do you think all agents should be trained to handle all channels?” Here is what they said.

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How to Build Customer Empathy in Your Call Centre


Nichola Ansbro looks at five steps you can take to ensure your agents listen to and understand every customer.

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Why the Boss is the Weakest Link in the Contact Centre


…And 5 things you can do about it!

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6 Steps to Resolving Conflict in Your Team


Heather Foley looks at the steps a team leader should take to resolve conflict between agents.

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Fool’s Gold: Why You’re Rewarding the Wrong People


Lisa Binney looks at why many contact centres are inadvertently failing to recognise their best performers.

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How to Coach Agents for Attitude


Here are some tips to help correct an agent’s attitude, without showing them the door.

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6 Things They Never Taught You About Shift Planning


Dougie Cameron explains what every contact centre shift planner should be doing to attract and retain the best employees.

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