Call Centre Management

5 Traits to Look for in Your Next Call Centre Employee


Ian Cowley shares the key personality traits he looks for when interviewing for his contact centre.

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Agents’ Day


Here are some small changes you can make to help improve your agents’ day-to-day happiness on the contact centre floor.

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The Best Words to Rescue an Unhappy Customer Experience


Here are some great words and phrases to use the next time you’re faced with an unhappy customer or need to put someone on hold.

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The Top Stories of 2015


Here are our most popular articles of 2015.

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Why Great Leaders Encourage Entrepreneurism


Dave Salisbury explains why promoting a “Spirit of Entrepreneurism” is key to great leadership in the call centre.

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How to Accommodate Call Centre Agents With Dyslexia


Ronan McDonnell explains the changes you can make in your contact centre to help make life easier for agents with dyslexia.

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5 Shocking Things Even big Contact Centres Are Failing at


Carolyn Blunt looks at the key areas of customer service even some of the big-brand contact centres are getting wrong.

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How Do I… Make Time for Agent Training?


Our panel of experts share some practical strategies for making time for agent training in the contact centre – even if you think you’re too busy.

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What Is the Best Strategy for Making a Business Grow? Everyone on Customer Service!


Cristian Rennella looks at why you need to put customer service at the heart of your business strategy to drive overall success.

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The 4 Skills You Can’t Teach – But Call Centre Staff Need


Nichola Ansbro explains the four key qualities she looks for in every interviewee before offering them a job.

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