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Want to Reduce AHT? Tell Agents to Ignore It


Michelle Dinsmore explains why focusing on quality metrics will help drive down your Average Handling Time.

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Next Webinars in the Series


Our Autumn 2015 webinar series will kick off on Thursday 10th September. Find out more about the topics and how you can register.

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Agent Salaries Fail to Keep up With Inflation


Agent salaries have failed to keep up with inflation since 2007, while contact centre management salaries have risen beyond inflation.

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Why Now Really Is the Time to Appoint a CXO


Lucy Norris explains why the role of a Chief Experience Officer (CXO) is more important than ever.

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5 Ways to Maintain Customer Satisfaction


David Ford explains how your contact centre needs to adapt to keep the modern customer satisfied.

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Could Your Contact Centre Survive a Tube Strike?


Paul Dunne looks at the role of flexible working in maintaining productivity in the event of a tube strike or similarly disruptive event.

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mplsystems to Make 10th Expo Appearance


mplsystems will be exhibiting at the Customer Contact Expo for the 10th year in a row.

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Digital Channels Changing the Vendor Market


Stephen Wright looks at what the future might hold for communications vendors as voice becomes just one of multiple mediums.

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Case Study: Speech Analytics Enhances Performance


Afni has experienced an increase in agent performance since introducing a CallMiner speech analytics solution.

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35% Find Work Away Days Boring


More than one in three office workers in the UK have admitted to finding their work away days boring.

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