3 Ways to Have Fun in the Contact Centre


Here are 3 great ideas for turning a regular day into a fun day.

1.    Agent-Interaction Quiz


The next time you hand out a quiz sheet to your agents, try including questions which encourage them to interact with other agents.

For example:

  • “What is Oliver’s shoe size x Jade’s age?” (Here you should try and use the names of your more introverted agents.)
  • “What number do you get if you add the number on the back of Mike’s football shirt to the number of cats Emma has, and then multiply it by the age of Jodie’s son?”
  • “How many people in this office were born in the nineties?”

This works best if your agents are given the whole day to complete the quiz, as this will allow them to discuss the answers during their breaks without interfering with their customer interactions.

It should also encourage your agents to interact with one another away from their desks, which can help them to bond further.

Click here to download the quiz

Click here for the answers

2.    ‘Reveal the Celebrity Face’ game


This is a simple yet fun game where agents trade in their sales for a chance to reveal a section of a hidden celebrity face.

How to play:

  1. Print off an A3 photograph of a celebrity face – in secret!
  2. Completely cover the face in post-it notes.
  3. Take the covered-up picture out onto the floor and hang it up where everyone can see it.
  4. Every time an agent makes a sale they get to peel a post-it note off the photograph.
  5. The person who correctly guesses who the celebrity is wins a prize. This could be anything from a box of chocolates to a ½ day off work.

For an extra twist, try colour-coding the post-it notes and assigning different rules to the different colours.

One variation of this is making the different colours cost more. So a blue post-it note in the middle of the picture costs 3 sales to remove, while a red post-it near the border only costs 1.

Or why not try our downloadable version – just add in your own “celebrity face”.

3.    Key-Word Bingo


This game is played in exactly the same way as classic bingo. The only difference is that company buzz words are used instead of numbers on the score sheets.

How to play:

  1. At the start of a shift, give each of your agents a score card – marked with buzz words frequently heard during calls (e.g. holiday destinations, jargon, technical terms, key words). Download a free template here.
  2. Like regular bingo, every time an agent hears one of these words, they tick it off on their sheet. (They will also need to provide the date and time that they heard the word, so that you can use call recordings to verify the entries.)
  3. The first one to complete a line or a full house wins.

The words on our template were taken from our Contact Centre Jargon Glossary but you can easily add in your own words.

We gathered these ideas from our site visits to AllClear Travel Insurance in Essex and The Money Shop in Nottingham.

Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 23rd Apr 2014 - Last modified: 26th May 2022
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