8×8 Receives 38 Winter 2024 G2 Awards

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8×8 couldn’t be more excited about 2024 and the value they’re driving for customers, no matter what their size or where they’re located in the world.

Starting the new year off right, G2’s Winter 2024 awards show that 8×8 is proving its value, and we’re honored to share that 8×8’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions have collectively been recognized with 38 G2 Winter 2024 awards.

This is incredibly meaningful to us. Why? Because the number of awards continues to grow each year, but most importantly, these awards are a product of our customers’ feedback on one of the world’s largest and most trusted peer review sites, G2.

The Importance of G2 and Peer Reviews

Founded in 2011 as G2 Crowd, G2’s mission has been to democratize the software buying process. On its site, it leverages the power of 100% validated reviews written by real users—not marketing materials or pay-for-play reports—to provide a comprehensive understanding of software products and their performance.

On G2, users can assess both the pros and cons of each solution to help make well-informed consideration, adoption, or retention decisions.

By emphasizing transparency and trust, this user-centric approach has revolutionized the way companies evaluate and select technology.

It’s now estimated that 86% of software buyers use peer review sites when buying software, and 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase software after reading a peer review.

The 38 8×8 G2 Winter 2024 Awards

So what was 8×8 recognized for on G2? This new year round of recognition covers a broad range of awards.

Thank you 8×8 customers for recognizing 8×8’s UCaaS solution for the following:

  1. UCaaS Platform Overall Leader
  2. UCaaS Platform Americas Overall Leader
  3. UCaaS Platform Mid-Market Overall High Performer
  4. Video Conferencing Overall Leader
  5. Video Conferencing Momentum Leader
  6. Video Conferencing Enterprise Leader
  7. Video Conferencing Mid-Market Leader
  8. Video Conferencing Americas Leader
  9. Video Conferencing Asia Leader
  10. Video Conferencing Asia Pacific Leader
  11. Video Conferencing India Leader
  12. Mid-Market Video Conferencing Asia High Performer
  13. Mid-Market Video Conferencing Asia Pacific High Performer
  14. Mid-Market Video Conferencing India High Performer
  15. Small Business Video Conferencing Overall Leader
  16. Small Business Video Conferencing Americas Leader
  17. Small Business Video Conferencing Asia High Performer
  18. Small Business Video Conferencing Asia Pacific High Performer
  19. VoIP Overall Leader
  20. VoIP Momentum Leader
  21. VoIP Americas Leader
  22. VoIP Europe Leader
  23. VoIP United Kingdom Leader
  24. Mid-Marketing VoIP Overall Leader
  25. Mid-Market VoIP Americas Leader
  26. Small Business VoIP Europe Leader

Additional thanks for recognizing 8×8’s contact centre solution with the following awards:

  1. Overall Leader
  2. Momentum Leader
  3. Americas Leader
  4. Enterprise Overall High Performer
  5. Enterprise Americas High Performer
  6. Mid-Market Best Meets Requirements
  7. Mid-Market Easiest Setup
  8. Mid-Market Easiest of Use
  9. Mid-Market Overall High Performer
  10. Mid-Market Americas High Performer
  11. Small Business Overall Leader
  12. Small Business Americas Leader
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Published On: 15th Jan 2024
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