Genesys Introduces AI Across the Genesys Cloud Platform

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At Xperience 2024, Genesys announced new AI capabilities to transform every customer and employee experience.

With Agent Copilot, Virtual Agent, Empathy Detection and Modern Agent Workspace for the Genesys Cloud platform, Genesys is empowering organizations to unleash the next era of customer experiences grounded in a strong AI-human partnership.

The Genesys Cloud AI innovations improve customer loyalty by elevating self-service and assisted service experiences, boost employee performance and productivity, and give managers dynamic new insights and tools to lead.

“In today’s complex business environment, organizations need to strike the right balance between using AI and automation to drive efficiency while keeping their customers and employees engaged,” said Olivier Jouve, chief product officer at Genesys.

“The revolutionary power of generative, conversational and predictive AI throughout the Genesys Cloud platform helps organizations accelerate key business outcomes by tapping into trusted tools that allow them to interact with their customers and employees in new ways.”

Using the latest Genesys Cloud AI capabilities, organizations can empower employees and provide them with the support to resolve customer issues faster and more effectively.

Businesses now also have enhanced ability to deliver next-generation customer self-service experiences that are highly personalized, powerful and sophisticated, emulating an interaction with a top-performing employee.

This is enabled by Genesys Cloud AI, built to make implementation and use simple while prioritizing model explainability through ethical guidelines that govern data, privacy, security, bias and transparency.

Learn More About Genesys Cloud AI Innovations

Genesys Copilots

Genesys Copilots give organizations a suite of automated assistants powered by large language models (LLMs) to provide real-time support to employees — from agents to supervisors and administrators — helping them work faster and more effectively.

Organizations can start with Agent Copilot, available now, to help contact centre agents balance many tasks simultaneously and provide personalized service across digital and voice interactions.

Agent Copilot listens along to conversations, creates customized scripts and surfaces knowledge information to agents in real time, working alongside their human counterparts seamlessly to provide customer support.

Through real-time transcription and auto-summarization, Agent Copilot monitors what’s happening during service interactions and provides agents a head start on task completion, helping to improve average handle time, interaction wrap-up time, customer satisfaction and more. General availability for Supervisor Copilot and Admin Copilot is expected later this year.

Next-Generation Virtual Agents

Next-generation Virtual Agents for Genesys Cloud helps organizations extend their reach by automating more complex customer interactions and work than what’s possible with traditional bots.

Using Virtual Agents, organizations can supercharge self-service experiences through more natural and human-like conversations.

Virtual Agents offers enhanced capabilities to handle ambiguous requests; improve information gathering; and automate wrap-up and self-service summaries.

Through generative AI, it’s also easy for organizations to build Virtual Agents to address specific customer intents and tasks as well as generate workflows based on top agent interactions.

With general availability expected during the third quarter of this year, Virtual Agents will be the first of multiple new role-based automation capabilities to transform self-service experiences for customers, helping organizations scale end-to-end personalization.

Industry-Leading Empathy Detection

Industry-leading Empathy Detection furthers organizations’ ability to make customers feel seen, heard and understood. With advanced speech and text analytics that goes beyond sentiment analysis and topic spotting, Genesys uses AI models to evaluate empathy across every interaction.

This expands the 360-degree view of the customer and gives agents deepened awareness of their empathy level.

Agents can drive better results when they’re more in tune with how their actions and responses influence the effectiveness of customer experiences.

Now available, organizations can use Empathy Detection to help employees sharpen their emotional intelligence and upskill through customized training and coaching plans that foster personal growth and stronger customer engagement.

Modern Agent Workspace

Modern Agent Workspace for Genesys Cloud will give agents an adaptable and composable desktop, enabling them to configure their view and consume context, data and insights quickly, in a way that works for them.

Purpose-built to host new AI-driven experiences, the Genesys Cloud Agent Workspace will continually evolve and make it simple for employees to interact with new features, helping them improve efficiency and productivity.

Expected to be released in the fourth quarter this year, organizations will be able to deliver a consistent user experience across their contact center workforce — from appearance to functionality, while providing a workspace employees can make their own.

What the Industry is Saying About Genesys Cloud AI innovations:

“By leveraging Genesys AI, Virgin Atlantic has now implemented a comprehensive approach encompassing voice segmentation bots, bot flows and predictive routing, which has helped us achieve a 25-point improvement in customer satisfaction and 12-point increase in employee happiness in 12 months,” said Louise Phillips, vice president of Customer Centres, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Atlantic Holidays.

“The latest enhancements for Genesys Cloud AI, such as Virtual Agent and Agent Copilot, show tremendous promise to help organizations like ours to continue to take their digital experience delivery to the next level.”

“With Agent Copilot, our agents are more productive and can focus more on the value-add part of delivering customer experience,” said John Connolly, head of contact centre, Newcastle Permanent.

“With the help of automated knowledge, next best action and resources, our team have successfully driven critical improvements including decreasing overall call handling time by around 60 seconds, enabling us to respond to customer issues faster and more effectively.”

“Genesys has a strong track record of delivering AI capabilities that matter to its customers and help them produce actual results,” said Hayley Sutherland, research manager, conversational AI and knowledge discovery, IDC.

“The company has been consistently embedding AI capabilities across Genesys Cloud, focusing on features that can help to measurably improve the customer and employee experience.

By rapidly expanding its use of LLMs, Genesys is enhancing and extending the value of its conversational AI and conversational intelligence offerings.”

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Genesys Every year, Genesys orchestrates billions of remarkable customer experiences for organisations in more than 100 countries. Through the power of our cloud, digital and AI technologies, organisations can realise Experience as a Service, our vision for empathetic customer experiences at scale. With Genesys, organisations have the power to deliver proactive, predictive, and hyper personalised experiences to deepen their customer connection across every marketing, sales, and service moment on any channel, while also improving employee productivity and engagement.

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Published On: 15th May 2024
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