Contact Centre Research

Over 30% of Contact Centres Would Not be Confident in Handling a Rise in Call Volumes
A graph showing the answers to the question "Which KPIs do you measure" with the answers of 58%-first contact resolution, 48%-net promoter score, 18%-customer value, 15%- custoemr effort score, 71%- quality score
Quality Scores is the Most Measured Contact Centre KPI
A graph depicting "Which CRM system do you use" 12% - Microsoft CRM Dynamics, 1% - Netsuite, 15% - Oracle, 9% - Salesforce, 6% - Right Now, 3% - Sugar CRM, 14% - SAP, 15% - In house, and 25% - Other
Contact Centres are Using a Wide Range of CRM Systems
The Average Contact Centre Cost per Call in 2016 is £3.64
It is Most Common for an Agent to Address the Caller as Mr/Mrs…
Over a Quarter of Customer Contacts are Low Quality
Only 8% of Contact Centres Survey Their Employees Monthly
Card Security is Dealt with Pause and Resume Call Recordings
2017 survey report
White Paper (2017 Edition): What Contact Centres Are Doing Right Now
Average Handling Time Poll
The Average Contact Centre Handling Time (AHT) is Between 5-9 Minutes
86% of Contact Centres Crave Empathy and Rapport Building Skills
Most Contact Centre Managers Call Their Own Contact Centre Every Month
1 in 5 Contact Centres Have an Email Service Level of More Than One Day
47% of Contact Centres use Average Handling Time (AHT) to Target Agents
10% of contact centres never schedule training
Most Contact Centres Do Not Measure Emotion in Their Metrics
More Than Half of Contact Centres Are Looking to Deploy Speech Analytics
A photo of a happy person reading a report
New Survey Reveals Surprising Insights Into the Contact Centre Industry
The Majority of Contact Centres Handle Their Calls Within Ten Minutes
Contact Centres Aren’t Adapting Self-Service Systems After Installation
Spreadsheets do not Replace WFM for Forecasting
Contact Centres are Asking Agents to Help Customers on More Than Ten Apps
Most Contact Centres have lots of Background Noise in Conversations
2015 survey report
White Paper: What Contact Centres Are Doing Right Now (2015 Edition)
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