44% of Contact Centres Have Mental Heath First Aiders

2023 Survey Mental Health First Aiders

In our What Contact Centres Are Doing Right Now (2023 Edition) survey, we asked ‘What Is Your Call Centre Doing to Support Your Mental Health and Wellbeing?’

The results showed a positive picture of various initiatives taking hold as the norm across many contact centres.

Nearly half of survey respondents (44%) said they had Mental Health First Aiders and posters for external services such as Samaritans (42.6%), whilst around a third said they had a wellbeing room on site (27.3%) and benefited from regular drop-in sessions (32.1%).

Beyond this, 18.7% of contact centre professionals even cited yoga classes being made available to them across the working day.

2023 Survey Graph Contact Centre Wellbeing initiatives

That’s not all! It was fantastic to see a wide range of positive initiatives mentioned under ‘other’ too – including monthly wellness allowances, regular events and webinars around mental health, menopause support groups, support after bad calls, wellness days, and more!

Several respondents also mentioned having an employee assistance programme and Lyra – an
employer-sponsored benefit that connects employees to mental and emotional healthcare, all showing that many contact centres are being proactive and creative in supporting their teams’ mental health and wellbeing.

Run in partnership with Sabio, Centrical, Odigo, Scorebuddy, and NICE, this survey focused on the key elements of a contact centre, including advisor experience and engagement, artificial intelligence (AI), customer experience, quality assurance, workforce management, and more!

To download the full copy of our ‘What Contact Centres Are Doing Right Now’ survey report follow the link below:

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Author: Megan Jones
Reviewed by: Jo Robinson

Published On: 30th Nov 2023 - Last modified: 1st Dec 2023
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