How Call Centres Are Being Shared With the Wider Company

How Do You Share the Call Centre With the Rest of the Company? poll cover

Making the rest of the company aware of the role and impact of the contact centre is important to business success and cohesion, but how is the industry rising to this challenge?

We asked our LinkedIn Community of industry professionals how they share the call centre with the rest of the company. Here’s what they said…

How Do You Share the Call Centre With the Rest of the Company? poll graph
Sharing Method Response %
Company-Wide Newsletters 23%
Show Departments Their Impact 27%
Share Voice of Customer Data 44%
Other 6%

With 108 professionals taking part in the poll, the preferred method seems to be ‘sharing voice of the customer data’ – with 44% of respondents choosing this option.

It’s easy to understand why, as hearing the impact of the call centre direct from the customer perspective (positive or otherwise) is a clear and simple way to demonstrate agent performance.

In addition, out of the available choices, 23% said they use company-wide newsletters, and 27% show departments their impact.

Overall, it’s promising to see that many contact centre teams are being proactive – in one way or another – in sharing insights across the wider business.


A few respondents also left comments that provided additional insights into the results:

A Day in the Life

A day in the life of an agent helps other departments gain an insight.

Thanks to Julie

Don’t Just Stick to One Method

I also recommend having business leaders from other departments regularly come to the call centre, do the job of a call centre agent, and then take those lessons learned back to their departments and pitch in to make the company better.

Much can be learned only through experience, and being a customer and being a call centre agent are key aspects to experiential learning.

Do NOT think you’re “too good” to take a customer call. Never think “I should get preferential treatment because I’m an employee”. Both thought processes promote bias.

Thanks to Dr. M. Dave Salisbury

If you are looking for some more great ideas for sharing the call centre, read our article: 12 Inspiring Tactics for Sharing the Call Centre With the Wider Company

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 27th Jul 2023 - Last modified: 16th May 2024
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