Aspect Software Recognised as the Workforce Optimisation Industry 2016 Global Company of the Year

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Aspect Software announced that it has been awarded the 2016 Global Company of the Year Award in the Workforce Optimisation Industry by Frost & Sullivan. The Frost & Sullivan Global Company of the Year Award requires a company to demonstrate excellence in growth, innovation, and leadership.

The award was presented to Aspect because of the company’s deep WFO capabilities backed by excellent customer support services and increased adoption of its workforce optimisation applications. The company’s continuous track record of leading innovation was also cited as a driving factor in the decision.

“One of the hallmarks of Aspect’s WFO suite is the depth of functionality it provides compared to the rest of the competition – particularly in the realm of flexibility and ease-of-use,” said Nancy Jamison, Principal Analyst in Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan. “And Mila, a self-service chatbot for the workforce, is a perfect example of how Aspect is at the forefront of WFO innovation – improving functionality of its existing products to directly address the unmet needs of its customers, as well as developing innovative new products that anticipate client needs.”

Aspect was selected for this award due to several key performance drivers of Aspect’s EQ Workforce Optimisation solutions, including:

  • The recent introduction of Aspect Mila, a self-service chatbot for the workforce, which demonstrates Aspect’s ability to respond to millennial workforce expectations. In designing Mila, Aspect targeted the expectations that make up today’s agent – “know me, make it mobile, let me do it, make it social, fit into my life, save me time, make me smarter, help me discover.”
  • The Aspect WFO suite’s depth of functionality compared to the rest of the competition, particularly in the realm of flexibility and ease-of-use, including a modern, widget-based user interface that is both intuitive and easily customisable for a business.
  • Aspect’s use of APIs enables it to be flexible in answering the needs of customers. Aspect is API driven and provides simple customisation for businesses without having to adjust the core product. This addresses an issue that plagues the WFO market – the vast amount of customisation and changes customers request to help run their centres.
  • The health of the WFO business is very strong: 104% YoY growth in product booking for the first half of 2016, significant shift to the cloud, with more than two-thirds of new bookings being cloud-based in 2016.

“The depth and breadth of the Aspect EQ WFO suite with its market-leading features, including mobility, self-service capabilities, and ease-of-use, demonstrate Aspect’s commitment to being a top WFO provider,” said Mike Bourke, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Workforce Optimisation at Aspect. “We are honoured to receive the 2016 Global Company of the Year Award in the Workforce Optimisation Industry from Frost & Sullivan. It is another proof point that the developments we’ve put into the portfolio are resonating with our customers and ultimately helping them deliver better customer experiences.”

To read the complete text on why Frost & Sullivan presented Aspect with their 2016 Global Workforce Optimisation Solutions Company of the Year Award, click here.

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