Banks Raise the Bar for Biometric Security

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MasterCard will soon be enabling customers to photograph themselves in order to verify their identity.

The ‘Selfie ID’ security method follows announcements from Barclays, NatWest and HSBC that voice and/or fingerprint biometrics will be employed for payment authentication via telephone banking and mobile devices.

Some of the schemes are only in the pilot phase and available for corporate customers or customers under beta-testing conditions.

However, Keiron Dalton, a mobile security expert, suggests that it shows a move towards serious investment in the user experience:

“The trend here is driven by several external and internal factors, but I think it’s important to focus on the end game. Banks are listening to the customer and how they want to do business. It’s completely about enhancing the user experience so that the customer puts in the least amount of effort for a fast, secure and easy customer experience.”

Keiron Dalton

Keiron Dalton

“Introducing methods that are based on biometrics is inherently more secure than more traditional security processes in isolation, because no two people hold the same biometric data. Once set up for the individual, voice biometrics can be invisible to the user if they are on the phone with a self-service contact centre line anyway. Therefore there is no disruption to the process, yet the customer is authenticated once combined with second or third methods of identity verification. Similarly, fingerprint technology on mobile devices means users can be authenticated with just a tap. The Selfie ID gives off a very important message, in that banks understand that using a mobile camera is part of daily life for many people.”

“Many providers are rethinking their current online and mobile security models and not just because it is the law, but because the voice of the customer is finally being heard. We want a balance between the experience and ensuring our private data is adequately protected, and it seems we’re finally getting there.”

With thanks to Keiron Dalton at Aspect Software

Published On: 6th Apr 2016 - Last modified: 26th Apr 2017
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