Boosting Your Contact Centre Sales Performance

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Contact centre leaders who work in outbound sales teams face the constant challenge of driving revenue growth while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

A recent MaxContact survey, conducted in May 2024, gained insights from 167 UK contact centre leaders who work in outbound sales teams, with sizes ranging from 20 to 4,999 agents.

The results of the survey provide valuable insights into the current state of sales performance metrics.

This blog explores the key findings and offer practical advice on how to improve your outbound sales team’s performance in four critical areas.

Average Daily Calls Per Agent

The survey revealed that the mean number of daily calls per agent is 56.55, with 50% of sales teams handling between 31-60 calls per agent per day.

To optimise your team’s performance, it’s crucial to find the right balance between quantity and quality of calls.

Encourage your agents to focus on having meaningful conversations with prospects rather than rushing through calls to meet quotas.

Consider implementing a call scoring system that takes into account both the number of calls and the quality of the interactions.

Provide regular coaching and feedback to help agents improve their time management and conversation skills. Invest in technology solutions that streamline the calling process and reduce idle time between calls.

Success Per Call Rate

The mean success per call rate among those surveyed is 6.74%, with 26.35% of teams achieving a 4-5% success rate.

To improve your team’s success rate, focus on providing comprehensive product training and sales techniques.

Equip your agents with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively communicate the value of your offerings and overcome objections.

Analyse successful calls to identify best practices and share them with your team. Encourage agents to personalise their approach based on the prospect’s needs and preferences.

Implement a lead scoring system to prioritise high-quality leads and increase the likelihood of success on each call.

First-Call Close Rate

The survey found that the mean first-call close rate is 27.81%, with 29.94% of teams achieving a 20-29% close rate.

Closing sales on the first call is essential for maximising revenue and efficiency. Train your agents to identify buying signals and confidently ask for the sale when the time is right.

Provide agents with a clear sales process and scripts that guide them through each stage of the call. Offer incentives and recognition for agents who consistently achieve high first-call close rates.

Analyse unsuccessful first calls to identify common objections and develop strategies to overcome them.

Average Revenue Per Call

The mean average revenue per call among surveyed teams is £197.60, with 24.55% of teams generating between £30-£59 per call.

To increase your average revenue per call, focus on upselling and cross-selling techniques. Train your agents to identify opportunities to offer complementary products or services that enhance the value for the customer.

Implement a tiered pricing structure that encourages customers to purchase higher-value packages.

Offer limited-time promotions or bundled deals to create a sense of urgency and increase revenue per call.

Regularly review your product offerings and pricing to ensure they remain competitive and attractive to your target audience.

Data-Driven Decisions in Your Contact Centre

By understanding these industry benchmarks and implementing best practices, sales leaders in contact centres can drive significant improvements in their team’s performance.

Use these insights to set ambitious yet attainable goals, prioritise training and development initiatives, and make data-driven decisions to optimise your sales strategy.

Remember, success in sales requires a combination of skilled agents, effective processes, and a customer-centric approach.

By continuously monitoring your team’s performance and adapting to changing customer needs and market conditions, you can position your contact centre sales team for long-term success and growth.

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Published On: 24th Jun 2024
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