Call Centre Agent Titles and “Ranks”

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Call Centre Agent Titles and “Ranks”

I am designing an inbound call centre and am interested to learn about call centre agent titles and “ranking” approaches.

Some firms use different overarching titles like “x consultants” while others have ranking systems like junior agents and senior agents and team leaders. Some even call team leaders “VPs”!

Where status and rewarding performance through titles is important, what successful and innovative approaches have you seen or used?

Question asked by TomG

Skill Levels

Generally I find that Skill Levels are a way to determine a level of “rank” without too much structure. Skill Levels can be determined by either the amount of experience (time in job), accounts sold or through a series of training or qualification objectives.

The basis being that you start with a Level 1 and work your way up that structure. it would also be possible to have various Skills and therefore multiple Skill Levels for the more seasoned operatives.

Naming conventions are a slightly different matter – whether they are “Agents”, “Representatives”, “Consultants”, etc. – is really down to the type of business, rather than representative of an actual ranking structure. I see that as more of an indication to a customer of their role, rather than their “rank”.

With thanks to Tony

What Innovative and Creative Tiers I Could Use

Thanks Tony. We will definitely use skill, tenure and performance as inputs.

On the title front: Customers wont know the difference. Its purely for internal morale and motivation of the sales agents. I’m trying to figure out what innovative, and creative, tiers I could use other than the typical “junior agent” and “senior agent”.

With thanks to TomG

Our Naming Convention

Our naming convention is agent, mentor, advocate, expert in that order.

With thanks to kowalski

My Structure

Here’s my structure:

Customer Service Advisor £13-15k

Senior Customer Service Advisor £15-16.5k

Executive (Deputy Customer Service Team Leader) £16.5-£18k

Customer Service Team Leader £20-25k

The salaries are irrelevant as every company is different but I have added these to indicate how “Title” or “Status” is reflected in salary.

With thanks to CallCentreManger

Titles Are Given Based on Skill Level

I use:

Customer Care Advisor, Senior Advisor, Team Leader, then of course Contact Centre Manager.

These titles are given based on skill level and I believe gives a sense of achievement once the next level is obtained. Of course there are pay adjustments that aid that sense of achievement too! 🙂

With thanks to littleli

Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 20th Apr 2022
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