CallMiner Enhances Its Customer Engagement Analytics Platform

CallMiner has announced that the company has made significant enhancements to its cloud-based customer engagement analytics platform, CallMiner Eureka.

Making the announcement at Enterprise Connect 2018, CallMiner said that these enhancements were made to increase speed to intelligence, reliability, and scaling capabilities.

CallMiner has witnessed a rapid increase and changing demand in the customer interaction analytics market.

“In this age of the customer, the ability to pull intelligence from customer conversations is becoming a need-to-have, no longer a nice-to-have,” said Scott Kendrick, VP of Marketing at CallMiner.

“In many cases this data is becoming critical to daily business operations,” Kendrick continues.

In addition, CallMiner is seeing more large enterprises adopt cloud solutions and the use cases for speech analytics continue to expand across the organisation.

CallMiner has advanced its core data processing engine to address these market needs. This latest innovation, built on a micro-services architecture, achieves the following:

Improved Data Integration & Interoperability

The Eureka Cloud Connector feature combined with a new Ingestion API allow for an expanding list of data integration capabilities across customer engagement channels.

In addition, companies can connect engagement data to other operational data such as sales conversions or customer satisfaction surveys.

Enhanced System Monitoring

New administration features and reporting provide for easier system management and self-service administration abilities offer predictability and visibility into interaction processing and system state.

Unified Real-time and After-Contact Processing

Real-time intra-call processing is now integrated into the core CallMiner Eureka platform, enabling use cases where real-time action and after-contact analytics are required.

Tenfold Scalability

The new platform has a capacity increase of 10x the volume of its predecessor, allowing for more elasticity and flexibility to support customer needs ranging from SMB through enterprise deployments.

By combining increased capacity and the ability to do both real-time and after-contact processing, the new platform redacts sensitive information and produces transcripts in real time that can then be sent to after-contact mining for quicker analysis.

Scott Kendrick

By doing so, the platform provides a single streamlined solution for companies that are leveraging real-time alerting for scenarios such as regulatory disclosures and also using CallMiner Eureka engagement analytics for trending data such as automated call dispositioning and agent quality scoring.

“Importantly, the new CallMiner Eureka mining platform provides the foundation to continue adding more advanced features and products.”

“This architecture will allow for continued advancements in our use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive greater and faster insights for our customers,” concluded Kendrick.

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Published On: 15th Mar 2018 - Last modified: 20th Mar 2018
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