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Glovo, a Barcelona-based startup with food at the core of its business, delivers any product within your city at any time of day. Currently delivering over 100M+ annual orders and operating in 22 countries and 876+ cities, Glovo’s mission is to give everyone easy access to anything within a city.

Due to rapid growth and today’s customers expecting 24/7 service and support, Glovo needed a contact centre solution that could grow with them and help navigate the complexities of a delivery platform highly dependent on variables like weather, traffic and product availability across thousands of partners.


A cloud-based contact centre solution was needed, that was able to scale and grow with the company. Operating in 22 countries and 876+ cities, the company sought to find a solution that had the ability to connect with local providers and partners, and could connect to the local infrastructure.


Glovo chose Talkdesk because of its ability to be a partner that could scale quickly, provide a 360 degree look at the customer experience and understood the importance of constant innovation amid a fast-paced, competitive market.


With Talkdesk, Glovo saw a reduction of 15% of AVHT for inbound calls due to the successful integration and the ability to provide valuable customer context for the agent when handling inbound calls. Glovo is now armed with insight and intelligent reporting capabilities to help identify any gaps and areas of improvement for accurate call routing.

In cities across the world, on-demand delivery is part of everyday life as consumers are more than willing to pay for faster, more convenient delivery. The fast-moving technology companies competing in this arena are constantly developing new and innovative ways to transform the market.

Founded in 2015, Glovo is one of those market leaders. The company has experienced rapid growth and continues to expand its global footprint as consumer habits shift toward increased demand for same-day and instant delivery.

To get a better handle on this increase in demand and to satisfy the needs of today’s consumer in a cost-effective, scalable and efficient manner, Ludovic Magnier, Live Operations Platform Manager at Glovo sought to identify a contact centre solution to form a partnership for growth.

Meeting the Moment with the On-Demand Economy

The on-demand economy is revolutionizing consumer behavior and the list of companies aiming to fulfill this demand is getting longer every day. Over the years, Glovo has made its mark as a global leader in the delivery app market.

Due to rapid growth and today’s customers expecting 24/7 service and support, they needed a contact centre solution that could grow with them and help navigate the complexities of a delivery platform highly dependent on variables like weather, traffic and product availability across thousands of partners.

Ludovic was tasked to find a solution that was not only able to help scale the company but would also work together on finding ways to build trust with customers. For Glovo, supporting customers with a superior level of customer service is the backbone of any forward-thinking company.

“In the long term, we believe that the companies that will be successful are the ones that bring value for the customer and build trust.” Ludovic Magnier, Live Operations Platform Manager, Glovo

With that philosophy in mind, Ludovic zeroed in on finding a contact centre solution that had the capabilities to constantly adapt to Glovo’s fluctuating business requirements due to the nature of the on-demand delivery market and could handle the growing volume of calls — approximately 210K inbound calls and 700K outbound call per month.

Having a cloud-based system with a solid infrastructure was vital here to supporting agents during peak hours.

Glovo Asked, Talkdesk Delivered

Since working with Talkdesk, Glovo saw a reduction of 15% of AVHT (average handle time) for inbound calls. This extraordinary reduction in handle time is due to their strong integration with Talkdesk, enabling the company to provide agents with valuable context when handling inbound calls.

In addition, the number of calls transferred has been reduced significantly by 25% thanks to the available features that enable better call routing to the appropriate agent, thus reducing handle time. Glovo has also benefited from Talkdesk’s advanced reporting capabilities.

Now, they can capture and analyze customer service interaction insights to identify areas of opportunity and improvement to better optimize accuracy and efficiency.

Many of the features have significantly improved Glovo’s business efficiency. For example, with Talkdesk Studio, they now have the capabilities to configure, design and manage even the most complex call flows.

Additionally, Glovo has recently begun implementing Talkdesk Guardian to help mitigate risk and detect any suspicious activity on the platform. Finally, Talkdesk Studio has been instrumental in building IVR flows to help manage calls to ensure customers feel supported and valued.

At the beginning of his search, Ludovic wanted a solution that could provide a 360-degree view of customers’ activities, not just the contact centre and customer service. As a customer-first company, being able to see the complete picture — from acquisition through the entire customer journey — was critical.

To do this, Talkdesk enabled Glovo to extract data from different systems and consolidate into one dashboard in order to finally see the complete picture. As a delivery service that supports millions of customers across multiple channels and platforms, the ability to capture a 360-degree view of the customer experience has proved to be invaluable.

A Partnership Built for Innovation

Through Talkdesk’s cloud-based platform capabilities and best-in-class infrastructure, Glovo plans to continue finding new ways to personalize the customer experience, whether through call, text or virtual agent.

The first step was participating in a Talkdesk Optimization Assessment to maximize their Talkdesk operations and discover opportunities to enhance business value.

For example, Glovo has optimized some flow configurations and started testing other products like Talkdesk’s Virtual Agent that would allow them to build even more self-service features, improve efficiencies and reduce the number of agents.

Today, Glovo has no plans to slow down and expects continuous growth and increased demand among consumers. Their partnership with Talkdesk will put these plans into action and help Glovo meet their goals today, tomorrow and beyond.

“Not only is the product great but the Talkdesk team has the capability to adapt to each customer, understand the business and think of ways for improvement. That was the most important thing for me.” Ludovic Magnier, Live Operations Platform Manager, Glovo

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Published On: 24th Nov 2021
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